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Fieldtrips and Guest Speakers





Ice Core Lab

Federal Center

April 12th

See the one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated labs in the study of paleoclimates

Bureau of Reclamation Lab

Federal Center

February 2nd

See how and why large scale working models are made prior to the construction of water based projects

CDOT Rock fall expert - Ty Ortiz


(this is a guest speaker)


See how mass wasting events are controlled to limit the damage and disruptions to travelers on Colorado’s highways

USGS Lab – Paul Schuster



Dr. Schuster travels the world collecting samples and data used in studies of water supplies and paleoclimates

Arches National Park

Moab Utah

March 6th – 8th

To experience how delicate the environment we live in is and to see ways that humans have developed to limit the impact of human visitors

Semper Water Treatment Plant

Near Westminster Mall


To see one of the more common designs of a drinking water treatment plant

Big Dry Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant

132 & Huron


To see one of the newest designs of a waste water treatment plant





The trips below are potential trips that depend on time and finance

Cave of the Winds




Edgar Mine




Shoshone Power Plant