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Class Expectations

 Teacher: Mr. Reeves

Voice-mail phone:  (303)-982-3276 (this is not the best method of contacting me.)

E-mail address: sreeves@jeffco.k12.co.us  (I try to check this most days.)

Teacher availability for helping students or working with parents.  I am available during the Resource period on Wednesday.  I am also available during my planning periods which are 2nd, 5th and 7th hours.  I can also stay after school if an appointment is made.

Web page: There is a web page that you can reach by going to the Standley Lake High School web site and then going to "Departments", then to "Science", and finally "Senior Earth Science", or you can go directly to it by using this address https://sites.google.com/a/jeffcoschools.us/environmental-engineering/home


This class is designed to look at environmental topics and engineering projects that are created by humans in our efforts to cope with the world around us and the consequences of those projects.  The main purpose of the class is to let students sample various areas of study they might want to try in college.


Discipline- You are expected to act as adults in this class, including getting all work turned in on time.  For many of you you are completing your final year here at Standley Lake and so you might develop an apathy towards learning, try to resist these urges and work hard. There will be only a few assignments you must complete outside of class

Absences – see school policy

Tardies – Don’t be late


·  Assignment Headings:  All papers should include the following heading:

 Name ___________

Period ________

Descriptive Title for Assignment                                         

Missing or incomplete headings will result in a penalty for the assignment.

Your WorkNeatness counts, if you’re work is not readable, it will not be accepted.   All questions must be answered in complete thoughts and you must leave a blank line between all answers.

All work must follow the specific instructions for that assignment, or you will loose points on that assignment.



20% - Labs & Fieldtrips - attendance to fieldtrips is required.  The fieldtrips will be mostly on block days.  For each of these fieldtrips there will be a written component that you will complete while on the trip and you may have questions on the final that come as a result of these fieldtrips.  If you miss a fieltrip you will have to do a research paper to make it up.

We will do a few labs as well.

10% - Daily Work – these assignments will be small assignments based on readings and research done during class

10% Final Project– this will be a large project where different groups of students will be assigned parts of a larger project that will ultimately produce a  permenant display that will be posted in the Science Hall

15% - Moab Fieldtrip

·         You must keep a Journal on the trip for the purposes of taking notes on what you see and learn.  This journal is due Monday March 12th   

·         If you miss the trip you will have a makeup assignment for the Journal that will involve individual research.

·         Working in groups of up to 3 people You will make a Power Point that will use the information in your journal to make a slide show on your trip.

15% - Mid-term The Mid-term will be over the material covered to that point.

30% - Final The final will be over the material covered in the entire Semester.

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