My name is Jenny Gilbert and I have been teaching in Jefferson County for 10 years. Some of my passions are public speaking, travel and my family. As a parent to a creative 12 year old girl and an inquisitive 9 year old boy, I understand the need to make learning fun and engaging.  I am very enthusiastic about my new role at Green Mountain Elementary as the GT/ALP Enrichment Intervention Specialist. I am thrilled to be apart of this new and exciting program for advanced learners at Green Mountain Elementary and will be working with children through enrichment opportunities that will provide greater depth, more complex content and high levels of engagement. 
    This year we will explore Passion Projects, Project Based Leanings, Destination Imagination, Battle of the Books and a Science Exhibition. My classroom is a creative environment where every child will "DIG DEEP" into their learning and will walk away feeling confident and engaged in their own learning process. It is a place where Green Mountain Falcons will INSPIRE!
Attributes of a Critical Thinker

     • asks pertinent questions
     • assesses statements and arguments
     • is able to admit a lack of understanding or                information
     • has a sense of curiosity
     • is interested in finding new solutions
     • is able to clearly define a set of criteria for                analyzing ideas
     • is willing to examine beliefs, assumptions, and         opinions and weigh them against facts 
    • listens carefully to others and is able to give           feedback
     • sees that critical thinking is a lifelong process           of self-assessment
     • suspends judgment until all facts have been             gathered and considered
     • looks for evidence to support assumption and         beliefs
     • is able to adjust opinions when new facts are           found
     • looks for proof
     • examines problems closely 
    • is able to reject information that is incorrect or       irrelevant 
What is an Advanced Learning Plan?

The Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) will:
  • provide a road map for advanced instruction and learning opportunities in the student’s identified area(s) of strength
  • be created in collaboration with parents/guardians, classroom teachers, and gifted education representatives
  • be an ongoing document, showing programming throughout the school year
  • chart the next level of learning and specific areas of study
  • provide an opportunity to dialogue with teachers about the student’s needs
  • establish guidelines for advanced growth within the parameters of a public school setting

Gifted and talented students have unique personalities coupled with advanced intellectual abilities. Advanced Learning Plans can provide avenues for gifted students to realize their potential and experience success.