Useful Links for Teachers

Book Adventure- Free link similar to Accelerated Reader
SMART board Lessons- Free interactive SMART board lessons/activities
Scholastic- Online resources and activities
Teacher Corner- Online lesson ideas, resources, etc.                                                                                          
Crossword Puzzle Maker- Free online puzzle maker
Lesson Plan Search- Search from thousands of lesson plans
Brain Pop- Videos for kids in all subject areas
Tips and Tricks- Tips for using the SMART board
5 Cool Tricks- Tricks with using the SMART board

Science Websites
Minerals- Info on rocks, minerals and gems
Exploratorium- Web casts of science experiments and projects
Windows to the Universe- Science topics covered
Exploring Nature- A natural science website for teachers and students
Science Clips- Interactive videos on multiple science topics

Social Studies Websites
U.S. Government- U.S. Government topics for elementary
On the Issues- Political website
Country Studies- Dig deep to find information about different countries
Explore Africa Regions- PBS website looking at the different regions of Africa
Living Africa- Explores Africa

Math Websites
Investigations- Investigations website with online games
Dream Box- 25 interactive lessons for your SMARTboard

Enrichment Websites