Useful Links for Students

Social Studies Websites
Country Studies- Dig deeper to find information on different countries
Explore Africa- Explore the different regions of Africa
Living Africa- PBS website with information on Africa
Explorers- Activities and quizzes on different explorers
Explorers- Information on different explorers
Explorer Maps- Interactive maps 

Science Websites
Animal Corner- Great website for researching an animal
Animal Facts- Website with animal information
ARKive- Animal facts and videos
Animal Habitats- Game about animal habitats
Kidsplanet- Information on animals
National Geographic- Animal facts and videos
Science Zone- Use for all science topics
Body Systems- Facts about any system in your body
Simple Circuits- A simple presentation on electricity
Science Bob- All science topics
Kids Astronomy- Space topics

Math Websites
APlusMath- Games and activities
Cool Math- Games
IXL- Games

Keyboarding Websites

Internet Safety Websites
Language Arts Websites
Language Arts- Games and activities
Starfall- Interactive activities

Miscellaneous Websites
Online games- All subject areas
ABCya- Games for multiple subjects
Scholastic- Games for multiple subjects
SuperKids- Directory for kids
FunBrain- Games and activities
Pics4Learning- Free pictures to use
CyberSleuth- Online games
Brain Boosters- Activities to exercise your brain

Research Websites

Author Websites