Elementary Band and Orchestra-Jeffco Mountain Area

Bergen Valley, Elk Creek, Marshdale, West Jefferson, and Wilmot Elementary

Mr. Jonathan Weedman-director

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Beginning classes-offered to 4th and 5th grade students
Advanced classes-offered to 5th grade students (beginning class on same instrument prerequisite)

Instruction provided for the following instruments:

Orchestra: violin, viola, cello, upright string bass
Band: flute, oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, horn, trombone, baritone, percussion


Summer 2017

Thank you for another great year of Band and Orchestra !

5th graders-good luck in 6th grade at your Middle School! 

-be sure you are signed up for 6th grade band or orchestra

4th graders-Lets look forward to 2017-18 and plan to enroll as 5th graders in our band or orchestra class in August

.....New Students.....

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about Joining our Program  

Beginning Classes are Open to All 4th and 5th Grade Students

Advanced Classes are available to returning students playing the same instrument as last year


Lots of good info. here for parents and students interested in band OR orchestra
Make sure to view the parent interviews!!!

2016-2017 Parent Information Packet 

Jeffco School Owned Instrument Rental Contract (limited instruments-Email Mr. Weedman with your request) 


****NEW STUDY PUBLISHED Oct. 2016****
Volume 21, October 2016, pages 1-14

Video: Playing Musical Instrument and the Brain -Overview

News Flash: Northwestern University
September 2, 2014 
 New Research on Music and the Brain

2016-2017 Weekly Schedule:


Monday afternoons

1:10-1:40 Beginning Band

1:40-2:10 Beginning Orchestra

2:10-2:40 Advanced Orchestra

2:40-3:10 Advanced Band


Thursday mornings

8:45-9:15 Beginning Band

9:15-9:45 Beginning Orchestra

9:45-10:15 Advanced Orchestra

10:15-10:45 Advanced Band



Monday mornings

9:10-9:40 Advanced Band

9:40-10:10 Advanced Orchestra

10:10-10:40 Beginning Orchestra

10:40-11:10 Beginning Band


Wednesday afternoons

1:20-1:50  Beginning Orchestra

1:50-2:20 Beginning Band

2:20-2:50 Advanced Orchestra

2:50-3:20 Advanced Band



Tuesday mornings

9:05-9:35 Advanced Band

9:35-10:05 Advanced Orchestra

10:05-10:35 Beginning Band

10:35-11:05 Beginning Orchestra


Thursday afternoons

1:20-1:50 Advanced Orchestra

1:50-2:20 Advanced Band

2:20-2:50 Beginning Orchestra

2:50-3:20 Beginning Band




Wednesday mornings

9:15-9:45  Beginning Band

9:45-10:15 Beginning Orchestra

10:15-10:45 Advanced Band

10:45-11:15  Advanced Orchestra


Friday afternoons

1:00-1:30 Advanced Band

1:30-2:00 Advanced Orchestra

2:00-2:30 Beginning Band

2:30-3:00 Beginning Orchestra




Tuesday afternoons

1:20-1:50 Beginning Band

1:50-2:20 Beginning Orchestra

2:20-2:50 Advanced Orchestra

2:50-3:20 Advanced Band


Friday mornings

9:15-9:45 Advanced Band

9:45-10:15 Advanced Orchestra

10:15-10:45 Beginning Band

10:45-11:15 Beginning Orchestra 


Upcoming Rehearsals and Concerts:

For a printable copy-click here

Concert Dress: White Collar Shirt, Dark/Black Pants, and Shoes
or Black Dress

Please bring a music stand to rehearsal and concert if you have one

2016-2017   Mountain Area Concert and Rehearsal Schedule


(revised Sept. 1, 2016)


Sept. 1                  Instrument Petting Zoo/Information Event         @Marshdale                                               5:00-7:00 pm

Sept. 2                  Instrumental Classes Begin

Nov. 29                 Rehearsal-Adv. Band @Marshdale                                                                           4:30-6:00 pm

Dec. 1                    Concert-Conifer Area Concert-Adv Band involved@CHS                                                6:30 pm

Dec.  6                   Concert-Beg. Band/Orch. Evergreen Area schools@EMS                                               7:00 pm

Dec. 7                    Rehearsal-Adv. Orch. @Marshdale                                                                          4:30-6:00 pm

Dec. 13                 Concert-Beg. Band/Orch. Conifer Area schools@WJMS                                 7:00pm

Dec. 15                 Concert-Conifer Area Concert-Adv. Orch. involved @CHS                             6:30 pm

Feb. 6                    Rehearsal-Adv. Band @Marshdale                                                                           4:30-6:00 pm

Feb. 7                    Concert –All Adv. Band -Evergreen Area Band @EHS                                       7:00pm

Feb. 9                    ***TENTATIVE-Rehearsal Adv. Orch@EMS***                                                  TBA pm               

Feb. 11                 ***TENTATIVE MOAF  Evergreen Area Orchestra Festival @EMS-Adv. Orch.                     @5:00 TENTATIVE

Feb. 21                 Sectional ALL COUNTY-Elementary                                                                          @4:00 pm           

Feb. 23                 Elem. ALL COUNTY rehearsal and concert                                                             @1:00-8:00 pm

May 9                    Concert-Beg. Band/Orch. Conifer schools @WJMS                                           7:00pm

May 10                 Rehearsal -Adv. Orch @Marshdale                                                                          4:30-6:00 pm

May 11                 Rehearsal-Adv. Band@Marshdale                                                                            4:30-6:00 pm     

May 16      Concert-Adv. Band and Orch. @WJMS***                                              7:00 pm

May 18                 CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER Concert-Beg. Band /Orch. Evergreen Schools @EMS                                       7:00 pm                               



Band and Orchestra Events