Elementary Band and Orchestra-Jeffco Mountain Area

Bergen Valley, Elk Creek, Marshdale, West Jefferson, and Wilmot Elementary

Mr. Jonathan Weedman-Coordinating Director

Mr. Dennis Sullivan-Director Parmalee Elementary

Mr. Michael Vescovo-Director Bergen Valley Intermediate

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Beginning classes-offered to 4th and 5th grade students
Advanced classes-offered to 5th grade students (beginning class on same instrument prerequisite)

Instruction provided for the following instruments:

Orchestra: violin, viola, cello, upright string bass
Band: flute, oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, horn, trombone, baritone, percussion

Thanks for a great year!

Below is the 2018-19 Concert and Rehearsal Schedule (released May 29, 2018)

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   2017-2018 Parent Information Packet 


Musical Tastes: Nature or Nurture?

Studies of remote Amazonian villages reveal how culture influences our musical preferences.

Video: Playing Musical Instrument and the Brain -Overview

News Flash: Northwestern University
September 2, 2014 
 New Research on Music and the Brain

2017-2018 Weekly Schedule:


Monday and Thursday mornings

7:40-8:10 Advanced Orchestra

8:15-8:45 Beginning Orchestra


Tuesday and Friday mornings

7:40-8:10 Advanced band

8:15-8:45 Beginner band



Wednesday PM

1:30-2:00 Beginning Orchestra

2:00-2:30 Beginning Band

2:30-3:00 Advanced Orchestra

3:00-3:30 Advanced Band

Friday AM

9:25-9:55 Advanced Band

9:55-10:25 Advanced Orchestra

10:25-10:55 Beginning Orchestra

10:55-11:25 Beginning Band



Tuesday AM

9:15-9:45 Beginning Band

9:45-10:15 Beginning Orchestra

10:15-10:45 Advanced Band

10:45-11:15 Advanced Orchestra


Thursday PM

1:25-1:55 Beginning Orchestra

1:55-2:25 Beginning Band

2:25-2:55 Advanced Orchestra

2:55-3:25 Advanced Band




Monday PM

1:10-1:40 Advanced Band

1:45-2:15 Advanced Orchestra

2:20-2:50 Beginning Band

2:55-3:25 Beginning Orchestra


Wednesday AM

9:10-9:45 Beginning Band (trans. 9:10 start 9:15)

9:55-10:25 Beginning Orchestra

10:35-11:05 Advanced Band

11:15-11:45 Advanced Orchestra



Tuesday PM 

1:20-1:50 Beginning Band

1:50-2:20 Beginning Orchestra

2:20-2:50 Advanced Orchestra

2:50-3:20 Advanced Band


Thursday AM 

9:25-9:55 Beginning Band

9:55-10:25 Beginning Orchestra

10:25-10:55 Advanced Orchestra

10:55-11:25 Advanced Band

Upcoming Rehearsals and Concerts:

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Concert Dress: White Collar Shirt, Dark/Black Pants, and Shoes
or Black Dress

Please bring a music stand to rehearsal and concert if you have one

2017-2018   Mountain Area Concert and Rehearsal Schedule


(revised Sept 1, 2017-all dates are confirmed)


August 31            Instrument Petting Zoo/Information Event @Marshdale                                                                               5:00-7:00 pm

Sept. 1                  Instrumental Classes Begin

Nov. 30                 CONIFER & EVERGREEN Rehearsal-Adv. Band @Marshdale                                                          4:30-6:00 pm

Dec.  1                   CONIFER & EVERGREEN Concert-Conifer Area Concert-Adv Band involved @CHS                             6:30pm

Dec. 4        Rehearsal-CONIFER & EVERGREEN Adv. ORCHESTRA                                                                       4:30-6:00 pm

Dec . 5          CONIFER & EVERGREEN Concert-Conifer Area Concert-Adv ORCHESTRA involved @CHS                6:30pm                                               

Dec. 7                    EVERGREEN Beginning Band and Orchestra Concert LOCATION CHANGE TO EVERGREEN HIGH SCHOOL-AUDITORIUM                                                           7:00 pm

Dec. 12             CONIFER Concert-Beg. Band/Orch. @WJMS                                                                        7:00pm

Feb. 5                    Rehearsal-Adv. Band @Marshdale                                                                                                           4:30-6:00 pm

Feb. 6                    Concert –All Adv. Band -Evergreen Area Band @EHS                                                                       7:00pm

May 8                CONIFER Concert-Beg. Band/Orch.  @WJMS                                                                        7:00pm

May 10                 CONIFER & EVERGREEN Rehearsal -Adv. Orch @Marshdale                                                          4:30-6:00 pm

May 14                 CONIFER & EVERGREEN Rehearsal-Adv. Band@Marshdale                                                           4:30-6:00 pm     

May 15                 CONIFER & EVERGREEN Concert-Adv. Band and Orch@EMS                                                        7:00 pm

May 17                 EVERGREEN Concert-Beg. Band /Orch.  @EMS                                                                                  7:00 pm

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