Why Would I Use It?
  1. Create a playlist with resources that you can share with students 
  2. Record class lessons or lectures and upload them to your channel 
  3. Subscribe to academic channels to share later with your class 
  4. Provide your students with real-world, engaging, and visual content

How Can I Get Started?

What teachers need to know:
YouTube Filtering in Jeffco

What does filtering YouTube look like in Jeffco?

YouTube in Jeffco was previously filtered using iBoss. Because of changes that Google and other web developers have made in their video content, filtering through iBoss has become more problematic and we needed another filtering solution. Jeffco will now be utilizing Google’s restricted mode to filter all YouTube content.

What is our vision as a District?
Our goal is to provide teachers with the content that they need in order to provide quality instruction while also ensuring that students have access to appropriate material in a secure way. This will allow us to better utilize YouTube throughout our District.