Why would I use it?
Street View allows your students to explore the world without leaving the classroom.  They can explore every corner of the Earth in full panorama, from the top of skyscrapers to beneath the ocean.  Users can contribute as well. Street View works on laptops and Chromebooks in the Chrome browser and is also an iOS and Android app. Cardboard viewers can be used with Street View to give the user an immersive virtual reality experience.


 Possible uses for students:
  • Explore landmarks and natural wonders
  • Explore Googles Wonders of the World project
  • Explore galleries and buildings (ex. the MOMA, the Palace of Versailles, the Tokyo National Museum, and the White House)
  • Explore the planet and get a feel for different cultures around the globe
  • Take Virtual Treks where experts explain using video, audio, and written commentary
  • Try a scavenger hunt or virtual Amazing Race

How can I get started?