Why would I use it?
To live in our contemporary world, we need to be media literate, information literate and digitally literate. Google Search is an essential tool to be efficient in the 21st century.

The Search tools button enables one to filter searches to more specific items for one's needs.


Possible Uses for Students
Safe search is enabled for all Jeffco students 
  • Research news and articles to find information
  • Search for videos.
  • Find images that are safe to reuse and are a certain size.
  • Search a time range to find the most up-to-date information.

How Can I Get Started?
To get the best results, use keywords rather than sentences relating to the topic. Use quotations marks around a phrase to narrow a search: for example, a first and last name which need to be searched as a unit.
  • Safe to use images: 
    • Do an image search on Google, click Tools, select "Labeled for Reuse" under Usage Rights drop-down menu.
  • Advanced search: 
    • Type in a topic to search on Google, "Advanced Search" under the Settings drop-down menu. Find pages with exact content and narrow your search results by the appropriate features.
    • Quickly narrow the timeframe by clicking the appropriate range in the "Any time" drop-down menu under Tools.