Why Would I Use It?
Geography units are found in our K-9 C-CAP Social Studies curriculum. Teachers might use Google MyMaps to consider answering these questions with our students:
  • How do we use geographic tools and sources effectively?  
  • What does it look like to gather, analyze, and interpret geographic information?


Possible Uses for Students: 
  • 3rd grade students collaborate to build a Day in Denver map which includes notable points of interest. Pins include the address, a picture of the location, and a write-up about their experience while visiting the site. Students work on the map after their field trip to share their learning.
  • 4th graders create a map which displays mining camps in Colorado through time. Pins are organized by the ore mined, time period of the camp, and historical significance.
  • 5th graders create Colonial Revolution maps showcasing important historical locations and providing then and now narratives. 
  • Readers track settings of stories through mapping character movement through the plot. 
  • Science students import volcanic eruption latitudes/longitudes to interpret tectonic plate shifts.
Visit the My Maps Gallery for maps created by users across the globe! 

do I get started?
Visit mymaps.google.com and choose to Create a New Map by logging-in with your @jeffcoschools.us account.

After using MyMaps the first time, you will find it is connected to your Drive for future use by selecting New-> More

Visit the MyMaps Help Center for step-by-step directions.

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Additional Resources

Visit the Google MyMaps Help Center for help on:

Visit the MyMaps Gallery for maps that have been made by others.