Why Would I Use It?
Google Forms is an excellent tool for creating formative assessments. It is ideal because it gives you data from students instantly in one spreadsheet saved in your Google Drive! Formative assessments can take many shapes: observations, checks for understanding, asking questions, and quizzes.


 Possible Uses For Students:
  • Self and peer evaluations
  • Daily sign-in to identify struggling students
  • Graph results of a survey
  • Online reading records
  • Exit tickets
  • Collect website evaluations
  • Assignment tracker for digital assignments
  • Student interest surveys

How Do I Get Started?
All students and staff at Jeffco Schools have a Jeffco Google account, so accessing all of the G Suite tools is as easy as going to google.com.clicking sign in, and using your Gmail address:
Example: jdoe@jeffcoschools.us

Visit the Google Forms Help Center for great resources to get you started on using Google Forms!


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