Why would I use it?
Google Docs is a brilliant way to share documents with your students, work with them collaboratively online and provide instant feedback (using comments) without the clumsiness of email. 

Available features such as commenting, chatting, revision history, research,  image editing, sharing and so much more will make using Google Docs in your classroom an absolute  must!

If you are a Microsoft Word user, Docs is Google's equivalent - but even more powerful! 


 Possible uses for students:
  • Create and collaborate on a paper or other project
  • Provide immediate feedback through teacher comments and peer editing
  • Editing digital documents. Students can complete a reading and add their observations and comments.
  • Collaborative brainstorming. Use docs to help students work together to create ideas.
  • Upload a Word document and convert it to a Google document
  • Translate a document to a different language

How can I get started?
All students and staff at Jeffco Schools have a Jeffco Google account, so accessing all of the G Suite tools is as easy as going to google.com clicking sign in and using your Gmail address:
Example: jdoe@jeffcoschools.us

Visit the Google Docs Help Center for great resources to get you started on using Google Docs! 


Ed Tech Resources

Need support? Contact Ed Tech!

  • Google Crash Course: self-paced online, 15 clock hours (register through ESS using code BETCGG)