Why Would I Use It?
Use the comparison chart below to determine if Google Classroom is the best digital workflow tool for your classroom needs. Google Classroom is your personal assistant that distributes and collects assignments to your students digitally. 

Possible Uses for Students:
  • Communicate with the teacher and other students
  • Receive fast and private feedback from teachers
  • Create original work using G Suite tools directly in Classroom
  • Submit work with ease 
  • Access relevant course information quickly
  • Classroom integrates with Google Calendar and helps students manage their time
  • Classroom helps keep Google Drive organized
  • Grade and return assignments to students
  • Post announcements
  • Easily provide links to websites
  • Use the question feature for class discussion
  • Create a different class for each group you work with
  • Add co-teachers to a class

How Do I Get Started?
Visit classroom.google.com. You should already be designated as a teacher if you are using your @jeffcoschools.us account. Only teachers accounts are already set up. If you have a different job code, you will need to sign up as a teacher, not a student, first.
If you have trouble getting signed in or have accidentally registered as a student, create an ESS Technology Work Ticket to request teacher access to Google Classroom.