Why would I use it?
Although Google Cardboard works with Google Expeditions, the viewers can be used with a variety of other apps:
  • Virtual Field Trips
  • Explore artifacts in a 360° dimensional view
  • Use Google Streetview
  • Watch YouTube videos in 360°
  • Experience stories from the NY Times in Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Take an Expedition

Ocean World in 3D

How can I get started?
It starts with a simple viewer that you can build or buy. Then you need a smartphone or iPod Touch and the cardboard app (from the iOS App Store or Google Play). Not all viewers work with every phone or the iPod Touch. To see if your phone will work with a specific viewer, check the viewer's website. Click here for current device requirements.

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The Cardboard App Includes:
Explorer: Explore exciting environments.
Exhibit: View 3D objects from a museum collection.
Urban Hike: Take a hike through iconic cities around the world.
Kaleidoscope: Enjoy a fun stereoscopic take on the old classic.
Arctic Journey: Fly alongside Arctic terns, create your own flower garden, relax under the northern lights and more.

Try out Google Expeditions! Expeditions
Devices must be on the Internal network