Why Would I Use It?
Blogging can improve students' writing skills and help them build confidence as writers. Blogging encourages risk-taking, ownership of writing, and the ability to communicate ideas to a large and public audience. Blogging also gives all students a voice. 


 Possible Uses for Students:
  • Respond to reading 
  • Maintain a writer's notebook or journal
  • Post personal, reflective entries
  • Share student-generated research
  • Practice and develop audience, purpose, and voice
  • Create a showcase of final projects
  • Develop an online image

 How Can I Get Started?
Students grades 5-12 and staff at Jeffco Schools have a access to Blogger by logging into Jeffco Google using your Gmail address:
Example: jdoe@jeffcoschools.us

Visit Blogger.com to create your Blogger account, using your You can host multiple blogs with the same Jeffco account. 

Check out the Blogger Getting Started Guide for additional support. 

Ed Tech Resources

Need support? Contact Ed Tech!

  • Google Choose your own Adventure, self-paced online, 8-16 clock hours (register through ESS using code BETCOG) 
  • Intro to Student Blogging with Blogger (available grades 5-12), self-paced online, 2 hours (register through ESS using code BETBWS)