Why would I use it?
All apps, extensions and web tools that require logins or for accounts to be created that will be placed on student or staff devices, or used by students or staff, must be approved and on the Digital Tools website. Tools that are not on the approved list should not be used until they have been vetted and approved.

Free, approved apps for iPads are pushed centrally to student and staff devices by grade level bands through the Jeffco Self Service Catalog. Students must enter into the Jeffco Self Service Catalog to install a desired app onto their iPad. Please visit Tech Tips for instructions on how to use Jeffco Self Service to push paid apps.

How do I get started?
Check the Digital Tools website list to see which tools have already been approved. The Digital Tools website contains both free and paid apps, tools approved that cost over $3500, as well as web tools, Chrome apps, extensions, and add-ons. If a tool is approved, it is approved for all platforms.

If your tool has not been approved on the Jeffco Digital Tools website, please See the Data Security and Privacy Website for options on submitting a tool for district approval and for directions on vetting tools independently.
Family Transparency
As partners, we can continue to build trust with our families by proactively communicating what technology tools are being used in your classroom and what you are doing to protect student data. We need to show that we are using the right tools, gathering the right data, using that data correctly, and keeping it safe!!  Schools must include this information on their school webpage. At a minimum, schools must include the name of the tool and a link to the tool's website. This graphic helps explain the details of being compliant with the law: Being Transparent with Tools Used in Your Building.

ISTE Standards Supported:
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