Digital Citizenship
Common Sense Education has developed a free K-12 curriculum to " empower students to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly, in our digital world" (Common Sense Education). These lessons are aligned to the ISTE standards and are available in 
Bridge to Curriculum by grade level bands. 

Grade levels are responsible for one unit out of their grade level band. 
These lessons are now linked directly in Bridge to Curriculum, Stage 3 of ISTE YAAGs.
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Kindergarten     Unit 1
1st Grade         Unit 2
2nd Grade        Unit 3

3rd Grade         Unit 1
4th Grade         Unit 2
5th Grade         Unit 3

6th Grade       Unit 1
7th Grade       Unit 2
8th Grade       Unit 3

9th Grade        Unit 1
10th Grade      Unit 2
11th Grade      Unit 3
12th Grade      Unit 4
Scope and Sequence- Common Sense Media