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Sometimes problems can be overwhelming. Even healthy people can have trouble coping. It can be hard to know when problems are too difficult for us to handle alone. We are a solution focused, short-term counseling service. We offer no-cost assistance to all Jeffco Public Schools employees, their family members over age 15, and retirees. “We’re here when you need us.”

                                                        To schedule an appointment with a counselor call EAP 303-982-0377 

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  • Weekly Mental Health Tip

    Learning to Fight Fair

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if relationships were always smooth sailing? The reality, of course, is that in even the most loving of relationships there will sometimes be differences of opinion. In fact, one sign of a healthy relationship is when you can be in the middle of a disagreement, yet realize that you're still safe, physically and emotionally, because you know that you'll both work through this disagreement. But an important part of having healthy disagreements within a relationship is making sure that you're "fighting fair." 

    Some basic strategies can help prevent minor differences from growing into major fights.

    1. Make factual statements about what's bothering you. Use first-person statements, such as, "I'm upset that you didn't call about running late." Broad generalizations that start with "You never..." or "You always..." are never quite true and tend to cloud the issue.
    2. Don't hit below the belt. Hurtful statements about your partner's character, personality, or appearance will only bring anger and retaliation.
    3. Stick to the subject. It's easy to bring up past issues, old hurts, and unrelated problems, but that's not going to resolve the current disagreement.
    4. Have a discussion, not a yelling match. When emotions take over, the result is a lot of noise and hurt, but not much problem-solving progress. Speak in a normal tone of voice and try to express your feelings with first-person statements about how you really feel. Stay as calm and in control as possible. If emotions become too strong, take a break to let things quiet down.

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    If you would like further information or to speak with an EAP counselor, please contact your confidential Employee Assistance Program at 303-982-0377.  Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. Your EAP offers no-cost assistance to all Jeffco Public Schools employees, their family members over age 15, and retirees.  "We're here when you need us."

    Posted Jan 17, 2019, 1:43 PM by Kirsten Phelan
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Deb Martin receives the 2017 Daetwiler Award from Colorado EAPA

Jeffco Public Schools Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

receives two state awards

The EAP was recognized for its exceptional contributions in 2015. Staff received the Colorado Employee Assistance Professionals Association award for the most outstanding EAP. Staff members include Deb Martin, EAP counselor; Kirsten Phelan, secretary; and Kathleen Remington, manager/counselor.

The association also awarded Kathleen Remington the Daetwiler Award. This award is given for distinguished service. It is presented to the most exceptional employee assistance professional in the state as chosen by past award recipients.

They were also recognized by the Board of Education on March 3rd 2016.