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Positive Behavior Support at Dutch Creek

Our Guiding Philosophy:
         We recognize that in order for all students to learn and fulfill their potential, we must provide them a safe and caring culture in which they will be able to learn. We believe that students learn how to behave appropriately when they are directly taught acceptable behaviors and then positively reinforced for exhibiting those behaviors.

What Do We Do?

PBS is a school-wide program that designs, implements, and oversees the following:

·         Systems for establishing, teaching and reinforcing school-wide behavior expectations

·         Systems for developing common expectations for student behavior with all staff

·         Systems for effectively intervening with and altering misbehavior

·         Systems for monitoring our behavior referral process to adjust instruction as necessary to meet student needs


DIVE Expectations:

         We created the acronym DIVE so students can easily remember the school-wide expectations:


Demonstrate Respect

Improve Self

Value Learning

Environmental Care


         We have matrices hanging in all areas of the school to remind students of these expectations.


DIVE Passports


At the beginning of each school year, we take all students through a Passport rotation to learn/remember the expectations in all areas of the school.


DIVE Slips:

            One way we reinforce positive student behavior is by giving them DIVE slips. Upon earning a slip, students take it to the office and are congratulated by a member of the office staff. They place their slip into a box to receive the opportunity of earning a prize from the DIVE Cart.



            When students take their slip to the office, they select a number to staple to their slip. One of our parent volunteers places the slips on our BINGO Board each week. When there is a BINGO, all students in that line receive a prize from the prize cart.


DIVE Parties:

            Two times per year, teachers nominate students who have made significant improvement in their behavior or students who exhibit exceptional DIVE behavior. These students are treated to a party planned by our parent volunteers.


Teaching and Reinforcing DIVE Expectations:

            School-wide, we use the Second Step curriculum to build students’ positive social-emotional skills. We use Kelso’s Choice to teach students to effectively handle conflict. Please ask any member of the team if you would like more information about either of these resources.


LINKS Student Mentor Program 

PBS also supports mentoring and leadership opportunities within the school. Currently we have a program called LINKS in which 6th grade mentors (nominated by their teacher) work with other 6th grade students having needs in one or more of the following areas - academics, behavior, or social. These mentors are supervised closely by staff and meet at least monthly to talk about strategies and ways to help their mentees. We would like to expand this program to include other students in the school that could use the help of a 6th grade mentor.


Student Ambassador Program

            PBS is also developing a 6th Grade Ambassadors program in which students are selected through an application and interview process. These students will orientate any new students who come to Dutch Creek throughout the year. The orientation will include a discussion and walk-through of our school and an explanation of our DIVE expectations and behavior and referral process


DIVE Expectations at Home:

When students are able to transfer what they learn at school to other contexts, the learning will be more meaningful and the likelihood that they will establish positive habits will be greater.

As parents, you play a significant role in reinforcing positive behaviors. You can help your child by:

·         Consistently reinforcing positive behavior

·         Talk to your child(ren) about PBS

·         Expect your child(ren) to respect you and others

·         Recognize, encourage and praise them for engaging in learning at home/outside of school

·         Challenge them to continuously improve themselves and strive to become better people

·         Help them problem-solve situations to a positive resolution

·         Limit their “screen time” and make sure the games they are playing and shows they are watching are age-appropriate


Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for volunteers to enhance our programs. If you are interested in volunteering with of the initiatives in this brochure, reaching out to our community for donations, helping with publicizing our PBS programs, clerical and artistic help, please contact the school and ask to speak with Christina Wu or email her at


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