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Engage. Inspire. Empower.
Dunstan's Mission Statement (Updated March, 2017)

April 28th & 29th
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Coming Fall, 2017

 50 Years of Dunstan
Help the PTA show their appreciation 
for all who work at Dunstan.

Support the DMS PTA by:
-Send in Box Tops
-Send in Milk Caps For Moola
-Send in used ink cartridges
-Send in cash donations

Dunstan allows but doesn't provide support for the use of personal devices.   Before devices can be set up:
  • Parents must sign off in Jeffco Connect
  • Students must sign off in Jeffco Connect
Once the steps above are done, students and parents should use the instructions and resources (linked above) to assist with connecting student devices to the Instructional network.

Additional Resources
District updated URL on 3/15/2017
 For Guest Teachers Jeffco Public Schools Employee Connections

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