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Thanks for checking out the mental health webpage!!  I endeavor to provide resources and supportive information here for students, families and staff regarding healthy social and emotional development, relationships, coping, and community resources. 

WHAT DOES A SCHOOL SOCIAL WORKER DO?  Overall, school social workers (also called school mental health providers) help students, parents and staff identify needs that are interfering wtih learning and work with those students to get the services they need.  I work with students accessing general education, problem-solving, and receiving specialized instruction to resolve social, emotional, and behavioral concerns.  School social workers use assessment and consultation with school staff and community providers, I develop and implement behavior management plans, and provide direct and indirect mental health services.  I work closely with the counselors, administration, and special education departments to help bridge school, home, and community to support students' success!

Just as a reminder to parents and former student: all requests for Jeffco School special education records are filled by the Student Records Center.  Click here to request your records through Scrib

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Website resources

 CDE: Colorado Department of Education2-1-1 : A resource for finding shelter, food, support groups, etc.
 Transition Coalition: for support in seeking higher education despite barriersFree and reduced Lunch app
Jeffco application

Video, book and intervention links

Here I will share GREAT resources for video and book exploration to aid you in personal development, or understanding your teen:
Intervention ideas:  (informational only, these are not endorsed or diagnostic)

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