Mr. Lusk - STEM


Please do NOT do any editing to the header or horizontal nav bar at ALL (available by clicking edit sidebar and this information is in the first couple of configuration boxes.  Please leave these alone).

DO change the site name to your name by clicking on MORE, then MANAGE SITE, and edit the text in the title bar, and click the, "Show site name at top of pages," checkbox next to the title bar.

Then, please update the text info in the sidebar to match your information that should be available.  You should not omit or change the format of any of the first three sidebar items.  The fourth sidebar green box is optional, and you can add or subtract others if you so desire.

You don't have to have a separate "Teacher Bio" page.  At minimum, it is requested that you include information somewhere on your site about how many years you have taught and your education/degrees earned.  You are welcome to add any other material as you'd like.

The rest of the template is ready for your customizations.  There are many different layouts to choose from.  Just hit the edit button and then choose the Layout you'd like from the Layout tab.
You can see this has a couple of full width text boxes on the outside of a two column format.

It is NOT necessary to include the school calendar.  To delete it, click edit, click on the google calendar gadget, and click the "X" (delete) button.

These are the layout boxes.  I put our SLHS calendar in the right box.  It can be moved to this side, or put in an agenda or weekly format instead of monthly.  The events will match what is on our homepage.  You do not have to keep it on your page.  If you want directions on making and adding a customized class google calendar, I stole these from Arvada West.

You can create a calendar in google calendars by class, department, teacher, or whatever you wish.  Google calendar is a bit tricky to use, so if you are looking for a place to leave lesson information in a calendar format, I'd use a table instead of a google calendar.  Here's an example of what that looks like.

I put the line separator in (below this line of text) by selecting insert horizontal line.


You could put Announcements in a text box like this.  Pick insert Text Box in the content box.  It takes an extra step to edit, but it puts a heading and border around your text.

To edit it, click on the edit button, then click on the gear icon.

To delete it, click on the edit button, then click on this "text gadget" and hit the "X" (delete) button.