DHS American History 11/A.P. American History

Eleventh grade U.S. History focuses on the ideas that have influenced the political and social history of America. Of major emphasis is how Old World concepts reached fruition in the colonization, independence and creation of a new country. Students will build upon their previous knowledge of history in studying the major thoughts surrounding the creation of a nation, to the 1990’s. Students will analyze the relationships between historical events and ideas and their effect on the United States as seen prior to and during World War I and as the U.S. became a world power. The culmination of ideas that led to World War II and how they have influenced the United States in the Twentieth Century will be examined. 

Text: The American Pageant, Heath, 2006 (ISBN: 9780618479405

Advanced Placement American History, one credit, grades 11 or 12 This course may be substituted for U.S. History in grade 11 or taken as an elective in grade 12. It covers U.S. History at an introductory college level. Students will complete intensive study, writing and outside reading in preparation for the Advanced Placement U.S. History Exam. College credit may be earned, depending upon the student’s test score and the college attended. Students are responsible for their own test fees (approximately $95.00). Students are required to purchase their own texts to allow for underlining and to facilitate note taking. 
Text: The American Pageant, Heath, 2006, ISBN-10: 0-618-47940-6. College credit may be obtained for this course.