Social Studies

Mission: The mission of our department is articulated in the founding document of our school, below is a selected excerpt from that document which expresses our department purpose and goals:

An understanding of history, geography, government, and economics is fundamental to becoming a responsible citizen. Students must study world history, as well as the history and government of the United States, in order to be able to understand and evaluate our place in the world. Similarly, current world events may be understood through the perspective of the past. History explores the politics, passions, philosophies, and economic situations that move people. Students of history are able to take advantage of the accumulated human experience of the ages, thereby gaining insight regarding past, current and future human experiences. Courses are taught in a carefully planned sequence, building upon previous knowledge so students will gain greater understanding of recurring historical themes...Proper mastery of history demands that students know sufficient detail to provide evidence to support rationally their thoughts. A proper combination of detail-oriented and essay portions on tests will adequately assess students’ command of the subject. In addition, thoughtful research paper assignments will help to expand students’ horizons....Particularly in a democratic republic, students must know about the origins of the ideas and thoughts that led to the establishment of our country. Without an informed, thoughtful electorate, the underlying philosophy written into the Constitution of the United States cannot be adequately preserved. We must prepare students for roles as active, informed citizens “the principal and permanent rulers of our society” (Mortimer J. Adler, The Paideia Proposal); to do otherwise is to disenfranchise them of their birthright. - D’Evelyn Founding Document – Pages 9-11

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