DHS Geometry

This course is designed to help math students below grade level build skills necessary to be successful in the Saxon series of texts, to recover a mathematics credit, or to provide seniors with an opportunity to meet the D’Evelyn graduation requirements as well as Higher Education Admission Requirements (HEAR) for Colorado post-secondary institutions. It may be taken by juniors concurrently with Algebra/Geometry 2 or by seniors who have not met their graduation requirement and who are not qualified to continue in their Saxon study. Seniors may enroll in Geometry concurrently with Algebra/Geometry 2 or Algebra 3/Trigonometry to meet graduation or HEAR requirements. Students may not enroll in Geometry after successful (C or better) completion of Algebra 3/Trigonometry or above. This course includes both plane and solid geometry. Some specific topics covered will be lines, angles, triangles, polygons, circles, similarity, congruency, transformation, constructions, and inductive/deductive reasoning (proofs). 

Text: Geometry, AMSCO Publishers, 2015, ISBN 9780789189325