DHS AP Statistics

Statistics does not count as Math credit for graduation from D’Evelyn, but does count for college entrance requirements for Math. This two-semester course is built around four main topics: exploring data, planning a study, probability as it relates to distributions of data, and inferential reasoning. Patterns and departure from patterns using graphical displays of univariate data will be observed. Distributions are summarized and compared including bivariate data. Planning a statistical study is a major component of the course. Students produce models using probability and simulation via graphing calculators and computer software and examine discrete random variables and their probability distributions, as well as the properties of the normal distribution. Statistical inference including confidence intervals and tests of significance will be used to support the data analysis of the experiment using control groups, randomization and comparison design. Students take the AP Statistics exam in the spring. Students purchase the text to allow for note taking, highlighting and future college reference. 

Text: The Practice of Statistics, 5 th ed., W.H. Freeman & Co., 2012, ISBN 978- 1-4641-0873-0. Students are responsible for their own test fees (approximately $95.00).