DHS Speech

Junior High Speech

Junior High Speech introduces junior high students to the various aspects of oral communication including communication theory, communication practices, and audience interaction. This foundation in public speaking may be useful for students interested in taking theater, acting, forensics/debate or other oral communication classes. 

Public Speaking Today, NTC, 1998 (ISBN: 0844203890)

High School Speech

Public Speaking provides instruction and experience in a variety of speaking and listening situations. Some examples of these situations are informative, persuasive, parliamentary, verbal/non-verbal, commemorative, laudatory, and business. High school tudents will also examine speech theory in an historical context from classical rhetorical theory through more contemporary speeches. Students will achieve greater confidence in any type of speaking environment. Text is 

The Art of Public Speaking, 11th Edition, Luca, 2012 (ISBN: 978-0-07-662687-8)