Senior Year

D'Evelyn Jr./Sr High School

College Planning Timeline for Seniors


  • Meet with your counselor in the beginning of the year to discuss your college plan.
  • Please list all of the colleges you are applying to in Naviance under the Colleges I am Applying To.
  • Pay close attention to all deadlines and requirements. College application deadlines can start as early as November 1st!
  • Attend college visits at D'Evelyn in the Counseling Office and other college information sessions around Denver.
  • Attend the In-State and Out-of-State College Fairs.
  • Consider taking the SAT or ACT again if you think you can improve your scores
  • Determine if you will be using the Common Application ( This can save you time if you are applying to two or more schools that take the Common Application.
    • In Naviance, go to Colleges I'm Applying To and match your Common App account to your Naviance account.
    • You need to complete the Education section and the Recommenders and Ferpa section in Common App before being able to match your Common App account.
  • Start completing college applications online.
  • Determine which teachers you would like to request a letter of recommendation from.
  • There are multiple Common App schools that require counselor letters of recommendation as well, so talk to your counselor to see if one is necessary.
  • Finish Revising your college essays.
  • Apply to college.
  • Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible after October 1st.


  • Do your best on final exams!!
  • Research and begin applying for scholarships.
  • Enjoy Winter Break :)
  • Mrs. Brown will automatically send mid-year forms and transcripts to all Common App colleges. You do not need to request them.
  • If you did not apply to your college via Common App and you need a mid-year transcript sent, please put in your request to Mrs. Brown in person.


  • Remember that your senior year grades matter - colleges can and will take back acceptances.
  • Make your final college choice.
  • Update all of the schools to which you have been admitted, waitlisted, or denied in Naviance.
  • Complete your Senior Exit Survey in Naviance
  • Bring ALL letters regarding scholarships and financial awards to Mrs. Brown to include in the graduation program.

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