D'Evelyn Administration

Welcome to the D'Evelyn Jr./Sr. High School Administration page! We work to provide a safe and distraction free environment for students to engage in our challenging liberal arts education. Please contact us for any information or needed support to help your student THRIVE at D'Evelyn.

Program Expectations

D’Evelyn students will have the opportunity to master the rigorous D’Evelyn defined liberal arts curriculum providing an essential body of cultural knowledge.

Students will develop college entry-level academic skills, including independent and analytical reasoning based on objective knowledge.

To accomplish these ends:

All students, parents, and staff will embrace and support the philosophy of the school, as outlined in the Founding Document, as part of the shared responsibility for student achievement.

School administration and faculty will clearly define their high expectations for the mastery of course content and quality of student work in support of student achievement.

All staff, parents, and students will demonstrate:

These program expectations exist because we believe that mastery of skills and knowledge acquired through the study of the core academic subjects are essential to produce an educated citizen as well as to build the foundation for all subsequent learning, regardless of the student’s future pursuits.