D'Evelyn Administration

Welcome to the D'Evelyn Jr./Sr. High School Administration page! We work to provide a safe and distraction free environment for students to engage in our challenging liberal arts education. Please contact us for any information or needed support to help your student THRIVE at D'Evelyn. 

 Program Expectations 

 D’Evelyn students will have the opportunity to master the rigorous D’Evelyn defined liberal arts curriculum providing an essential body of cultural knowledge.

Students will develop college entry-level academic skills, including independent and analytical reasoning based on objective knowledge.

To accomplish these ends:

  All students, parents, and staff will embrace and support the philosophy of the school, as outlined in the Founding Document, as part of the shared responsibility for student achievement.

 School administration and faculty will clearly define their high expectations for the mastery of course content and quality of student work in support of student achievement.

All staff, parents, and students will demonstrate:

 Respect Responsibility   Honesty Civic Duty/Patriotism 
Fairness  Kindness   Self-control  High Moral & Ethical Standards

These program expectations exist because we believe that mastery of skills and knowledge acquired through the study of the core academic subjects are essential to produce an educated citizen as well as to build the foundation for all subsequent learning, regardless of the student’s future pursuits.

Administration Team

Josh Griffin


Jerry McWhorter

Assistant Principal

Beverly Haynie

Assistant Principal

Greg Kottcamp

Assistant Principal

All Administration

Knowledge, support, & advocacy of the D’Evelyn Founding Program Document & Philosophy

Knowledge of & adherence to all school & district policies; ensuring compliance with policies among all school personnel

Shared Responsibility

School Supervision– before & after school, lunch, passing periods          School Safety – Emergency management & crisis response

Extracurricular Supervision – athletics & activities                               Discipline – committee members & implementation of 2 grade levels

Observation & Evaluation – licensed & classified staff                           Curricular Leadership – curricular & textbook review leadership

Department Liaison – support & collaborate w/ departments                  Student Support – collaborate with faculty, staff, students, & family

Hiring – lead hiring committees for faculty & staff positions                      Community Outreach – written/verbal communication w/ stakeholders

Specific Responsibilities

-- D’Evelyn UIP development

-- Steering Committee

-- Accountability Committee

-- Budget Director

-- DEF Board Member

-- Legal compliance

-- Athletics Director

-- Activities Director

-- Supervision, management, and evaluation of coaches & sponsors

-- Facilities Management

-- Fundraising Coordinator

-- Scheduler

-- D’Evelyn Common Assessment administration & supervision

-- Infinite Campus administrator

-- Communications– Messenger, announcements, Jag Tracks

-- Standardized Testing Coordinator

-- School Response Team Lead

-- Support / management of 504 plans, IEPs, ILPs, ALPs & ELLs

-- Peer Tutoring program

-- School website

Additional Responsibilities

-- Faculty PD

-- Department Managers

-- AP Management

-- Office Staff Management

-- Instructional Coaching

-- Articulation area leader

-- Public Relations

-- Maintain school/athletic calendars

-- Maintain athletics/activities webpage

-- District / state athletic & activities meetings

-- Student Planner development

-- Locker assignments/management

-- Course Planning Guide & Selection

-- Coordination of Student Teachers

-- Concurrent enrollment / UCD

-- Faculty Handbook development

-- Foreign Exchange students

-- New Teacher Induction

-- Student Handbook/Conduct Code

-- Academic / Behavioral Contracts

-- Management of Campus Sups

-- Building supervision planning

-- AP Site Coordinator

-- Student health programs

Discipline & Student Support

-- Support AP’s with administration of services

Discipline, attendance, & support for 11th/12th grade students

Discipline, attendance, & support for 9th/10th grade students

Discipline, attendance, & support for 7th/8th grade students

Department Liaison Work

English, Counseling

Foreign Language, Electives

Math, Science

Library, Social Studies

Committee Work

25th Anniversary, 7th Hour, Hiring practices

Calendar Committee, JAGs, DPA

Discipline, Anti-Bullying, Health & Wellness

Technology, DEF Managers, JRHS Boosters

Recognition Programs

End of semester celebrations

Athletic Awards, Athlete of the Month, Signing Days, Teachers of the Year, “Years of Service”, Retirements / Departures

Honor Roll, Student of the Month, Academic Awards, Values Awards

Academic Letters, Teacher of the Month, The Apple, Appreciations – Counselors, Secretaries, Teachers, Custodial, Kitchen

School & Community Events

Prospective Family Information Nights, Class Meetings, 7th Hour Student Information

Pep Assemblies, Dances, Prom & After-Prom, Senior Banquet, Athletic Awards Night, Graduation

Registration, Back to School Night, Parent Teacher Conferences,  Academic Awards (JRHS & SRHS)

Summer School, New Student Welcome, Academic Letter Ceremony, Prep School, Orientation