Classroom Expectations/Norms

The following has been outlined to support student success.  


·         Super-sized large 3-Ring Notebook and Spiral Lined Notebook or Journal

·         Lined Notebook Paper

·         Pencils and Pens

·         3x5 Note cards

·         1 Small ½” – 1” 3-Ring Notebook  with front-page insert

·         Page protectors

·         Scrubs (WT top/Black Pants) and White Shoes

·         Hair Ties



Student will be required to keep all handouts, worksheets and tests in 3-ring notebook.  Keep assignments in notebook in the order that work is completed.  It is imperative that work is kept organized as the need may arise where student will need to refer back to completed assignments.  Occasionally, due to human error or computer challenges, an assignment may not be recorded in grade book and student will need to refer back to their notebook.  If student has not kept their assignment and cannot show proof of completion, the grade/credit will be lost. Students name and current date is required on ALL written materials.  No name on paper will result in a deduction of 5 points.


In keeping with industry standard, students will be required to dress each day in clean, wrinkle-free scrubs. Student will receive one scrub top with the WT logo imprinted; additional can be purchased by student. Shoes are to be white in color.  No midriff exposure or low-rise pants will be allowed.  If student is cold, a sweater or sweatshirt may be worn under scrub top.  Ears may be pierced but no other body part may be pierced that is visible. No plugs are allowed.  Earrings should be conservative and small in nature.  The American Dental Association has banned tongue piercing because it wears tooth enamel and causes breakages.  Therefore, students may not have “tongue rings” in place in this class. Jewelry should be tasteful and kept to a minimum.   Nails must be kept at a shorter length with lighter colored polish.  Hair is to be worn up when in the clinic.  Failure to dress appropriately can and will result in a deduction of points. 


The morning session begins at 7:30 AM and ends at 10:30 AM and is in session Monday- Friday.  AM students will get a fifteen minute break at 8:55.  If student is not in seat and appropriately dressed by 7:30 AM, they will be counted tardy.  The afternoon session begins at 12:00 PM and ends at 3:45 PM and is in session Monday-Thursday.  If student is not in their seat and appropriately dressed by 12:00PM they will be counted tardy.  PM students will get a fifteen minute break at 1:55 PM. 

Every week student will start the week with 100 points for professionalism, respect, integrity, dedication and excellence.  These will be evaluated by attendance, punctuality, appearance, attitude, work ethics and many other benchmarks and norms.  For example if a  student misses a day, comes to class late, returns from break late or leaves early, they will lose a determined amount of points that week.  In addition every three tardies will count for one unexcused absence.   GOOD ATTENDANCE and PUNCTUALITY is MANDATORY in this class.  If student has had attendance problems in the past they won’t succeed in this class.  If student demonstrates excessive tardiness and absences, student will be placed on an attendance contract and violation of contract can result in being dropped from class. Nine absences (combination of excused & unexcused) are allowed for the entire year.  This class is considered a job and just as in industry, if employee demonstrates excessive tardiness or absences pay is deducted or job is lost.


Student MAY NOT use cell phones/pagers in this class.  Cell phones/Pagers must be turned off and put out of sight during class period. Cellphones are not to be stored in scrub pockets!  Usage or ringing of phone will result in phone being confiscated for the remainder of the class period.  Cell phones may be used at break time only.  No Ipod or MP3 player usage allowed during class period unless instructor permission is obtained.  Due to the usage of hazardous materials, there will be no food/drink allowed in clinic area. Food/drink is allowed in the classroom; however, student is asked to clean up after themselves.  Failure to do so may result in loss of points and/ or privilege.   During break time students are encouraged to go to the Commons Area to eat, but DO NOT bring food/drink back into dental clinic area.  Gum chewing and candy is not allowed in clinic.  Failure to follow these guidelines will result in a deduction of points.

Activities will vary from day to day.  Students will be given daily instruction for each activity.   Part of becoming a dental assistant is learning to be flexible and work as a team.   Students will have a variety of opportunities to work with each person in the class.  Maintenance and cleanliness are of utmost importance and part of the duties of a dental assistant.  Working as a team each student will share in the daily responsibilities of equipment maintenance, instrument sterilization and classroom/clinic cleanliness.  Before class dismissal, the classroom/clinic area will be cleaned, floor swept, supplies properly stored, trash disposed and chairs put away.   No one will be allowed to leave until areas are completed to satisfactory standard. If student chooses to leave and not participate in clean up they will lose points for that day.


As dental assistants, students will learn to treat others with gentle caring and compassionate ways.  Therefore, each student will continually and intentionally practice these skills with not only their peers but also authority figures within the school setting (i.e. instructors, coaches, support staff, counselors, and administration).  Because we are human, conflict will arise, however the following protocol will support all involved in reaching maximum support, clarity and resolution.

·         Speak first to the person with whom you are challenged to seek resolution.

·         If challenge continues, speak directly to instructor.

·         If further support is needed following instructor support, make an appointment to speak to counselor or administration.

If conflict should arise and student/parent goes to administration without first speaking to the appropriate parties, administration will send you back to instructor first to seek clarity and support prior to scheduling a meeting with you.  Instructor will in turn speak first to student, parent and then administration in order to solve or clarify.  Drama will not be tolerated.  A big part of this class instruction is about each individual becoming responsible and accountable for one’s own self, which in turn supports the team atmosphere more effectively.  Therefore, this protocol will be enforced!

Teacher-Student Classroom Norms:  If you need to ask a question during a lecture, raise your hand.  During group activities, the instructor will be moving around the classroom/clinic.  There will be many times when the instructor will be working one on one with a student and will ignore other student interruptions. The instructor will work with each student on an individual basis as soon as possible, yet student will need to be accountable and responsible for themselves and remind or make an appointment with instructor.  Keep in mind, there are many students and only one instructor.

Student Movement:   Students will be seated when we have a lecture, guest speaker, movie or demonstration during class time.  Students may move around the classroom during other activities. Students will not be allowed to leave the classroom/clinic area at any time without instructor permission.  If student has other activities to attend within the school, it will be up to the instructor and individual student progress as to whether they are allowed to attend.  Failure to get permission will result in disciplinary consequences or deduction of points.  Students that leave with permission must use hall pass.  Restroom usage and food/drink consumption are to be done during break time. Water bottles are allowed in classroom/clinic area.  Instructor has the choice to revoke any awards/recognitions that student may possibly earn if norms and behavioral protocol are not followed.

Textbooks:  Textbook will be checked out from the library at the beginning of the academic year. Student will be responsible for the book and replacement cost if lost.. The replacement cost for the textbook is $98.00.  Certificate of Completion will be withheld until lost textbooks are paid for.

Radiology Dosimeter Badges:  During the radiology unit, each student will receive an individual badge with their name on it to be worn during the clinic time.  Following the unit, badges will be collected and returned.  Any lost badges will result in a $25.00 fee.  If fee is not paid, Certificate of Completion will be withheld.

Instructor Office:  Instructor’s office is for instructor.  Do not go in unless invited and do not interrupt if instructor is with someone else.  Phone in classroom and instructor office are NOT for student use.  Pay phones are available in the Commons Area.


The following grading curve and policy is based on industry and college standards:

93- 100 = A (High Quality)

83- 92 = B (Proficient)

73- 82 = C (Partially Proficient)

63- 72 = D (Non-Proficient)

62- 0 = F (Unemployable)