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Vision & Mission Statements

Vision Statement
Dakota Ridge High School continually strives for a school based upon an exceptional community that promotes extraordinary learning, expanded opportunities, and above all, success for all students.
Mission Statement
Dakota Ridge High School aspires to help all members of its community develop a balance between and synergy from four basic human needs: the need to live, the need to love, the need to learn and the need to leave a legacy. Therefore, we consciously commit ourselves to demonstrating:
The physical need to live in an environment that is clean, safe and business-like; a vibrant place which inspires a healthy attitude in its community of learners.
The social need to love self and others with respect, high expectations, trust and decency; to belong to and work as a responsible member of the community.
The mental need to learn by continuously seeking and accepting challenging opportunities that expand our abilities and motivate others to make full use of their abilities.
The spiritual need to leave a legacy by establishing a sense of meaning and purpose to our existence through contributions to our community and to the lives of others.