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Darkroom Photography

Valter's Expectations and Policies (See Syllabus and Expectations at the bottom of page under "Handouts"). Please fill out Valter's Contract Form (see below link)

Fees include: film, darkroom paper, chemicals

Additional supplies to purchase :
3 ring-binder to store negatives and projects
20 sheet protectors which are top loading
Safety glasses or pay Mrs. Valter $2

Film camera needs to be 35mm. student can use their own or pay $15 rental charge for the semester

Jeffco Schoology
All handouts, lessons and notes are located in Jeffco Schoology site. 

Visual Arts are an important component of every student's education in Jefferson County. Instruction in Visual Arts is supported as Core Curriculum by the School Board and by the expectation that all students will meet/exceed the Content Standards in Visual Art.

The Colorado State Standards for Visual Arts can be found at the Department of Education Website.

Career & Technical Education
Mrs. Valter is a licensed CTE instructor in photography. Students receiving a "C" or better in her classes can receive community college credit. The goal of CTE in Jefferson County is to provide students with experiences, which will assist them in making decisions about future careers. The outcome of CTE programs is to provide students' skills that will enable them to transition to post-secondary education and/or employment.
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