McGraw Hill-Wonders

 Wonders is a comprehensive K-6 ELA/ELD program built on Common Core standards. Through its intentional instruction, inspiring content, and purposeful technology, Wonders prepares all students for college and career in the 21st century. Students will discover the power of fully connected programs built for English Language Arts, English Language Development, intervention, and immersion. Teachers can make every instructional minute count as students move ahead efficiently, always focused on the same skills, strategies, and standards.  Wonders is filled with exemplars, award-winners and other high-interest literary and informational texts that range across many genres, eras, and cultures. As students engage with the Essential Questions, they’re gaining access to complex texts, collaborating with their peers, and becoming accomplished at writing to sources. Wonders provides students and teachers with unsurpassed resources that support teacher's instruction – 100% print, 100% digital, or anywhere in between.  Wonders makes the connections that prepare students to succeed.

Students and parents can access their child's Wonders materials here:

Wonders login page