Copper's Computer Classes

 Student Businesses:
Tri 1

For Business Class students must create their own business and participate in Boxville

 Interactive media:
Tri 2
Multimedia Students will be creating stop, movie trailers, sound bites and gaming. 
 Intro to computers:
Tri 3
Students explore  careers and software associated with various careers.

 Teacher Classroom philosophy:  I want students to have a respect for technology and an understanding of how computers support our schooling and future businesses.

Student philosophy:  Let's rock!  

Trimester one  Boxville
Business Class:   Time to build web pages to highlight your work.  Create a business town called Boxville.  Promote your business through business cards and brochures. Track your money through financial apps

Trimester two
 Interactive media:    Video Editing where we take movie trailers and mix them; make Shrek sound like Optimus Prime.    Animation with Transformers dancing to the YMCA or programming where an ice skater falls through the ice and finally gaming where we protect earth from missile launching Aliens.

Trimester Three  
Intro to computers
How do computers simplify our lives?  How can we save time by the efficient use of computers? We look at the interaction of computers and careers including architectural drawings, and coding.  

"Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right"     Henry Ford