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Welcome to my Math Class.  Each of my 10 years at Falcon have brought something new to my classroom, and this year is certainly no different.  Math is now organized by department.  This will allow us to get creative with some new processes around remediation and extension.  

We'll also be using Pre-AP strategies and focusing on our six collective commitments: grit, growth mindset, relationships, professionalism, intellectual curiosity, and community.

Basic Component of All of My Math Classes
All of the day to day components of math will be chronicled on an agenda each week.  The agenda will list all of the classwork, homework, notes and learning logs.  New agendas will be distributed in class at the end of the week, as I hand out the agenda for the next week.  I'll base the bulk of students Work Habit grades on these documents.

Class Notebook
Each student will organize their classwork and homework in a graph paper spiral notebook.  This year with BYOD students will be allowed to do the bulk of this work on their device if they have a note taking app like Notability that allows them to write with a stylus on "graph paper".

College Prep Math - CPM is a problem solving/inquiry based curriculum that will be used regularly in both Math 6 and Algebra.  This textbook will support the implementation of our 8 Common Core Math Practices, student's conceptual understanding and provide complex problems for students to solve. The book offers homework help, digital math manipulatives and much more.  We're excited to have these texts.  I hope your student uses them to their full potential.

Khan Academy
I've decided to use the Khan Academy site for some of the homework this year.  This will allow students a more individualized homework experience and immediate feedback.  I'll recommend specific lessons each week to help support our work in the classroom.

As a teacher I'm influenced by great work of others.  I plan to share some of these with you here as we go through the year.  Four years ago I took a "MOOC" from Stanford titled "How Students Learn Math".  It was excellent.  The instructor, Jo Boaler, provided us with this one page summary.  Boaler has since started webpage called "You Cubed" filled with interesting problems and ideas for students of mathematics.

Achieving Mastery
CPM Checkpoints
Our curriculum relies on a process known as "spaced practice" or "spiraling".  Concepts are introduced in stages allowing us to practice skills before diving deeper.  
In each chapter a Checkpoint Skill will be identified in the homework sets.  Students need to show mastery of these skills and we will focus on these for our remediation sessions.
A link to chapter Checkpoints are located in student ebooks in the reference section.  Students striving to master these skills may want to access these examples and extra practice.

Khan Academy
How to sign up for Khan
Once again I'll be using Khan Academy to help individualize student practice and receive immediate feedback.  Sometimes I'll ask students to choose their own skills and practice for 20 minutes, other times I'll assign specific skills.
Here's a document that identifies Khan skills for each chapter Checkpoint.
Algebra Khan - Checkpoint correlation

Feel like doing some math online?  Try these sites!