CSHO - Chatfield Senior High Orchestra

Ms. Heather Bock - Director
Heather.Bock@jeffco.k12.co.us        email is the preferred form of communication

Audition Materials
Colorado All State Audition materials are now available! 
These materials are the source of JeffCo All County Audition Materials
All County Audition is strongly encouraged for all students, and is
REQUIRED for all Juniors & Seniors and takes place
 November 13 & 14 at Lakewood High School
This is also the basis for Chatfield Auditions in the fall!
All Audition materials can be found here.


Here is a chart from the American String Teacher's Association detailing the national expectations for string players at various levels.
Please note that the 7th - 10th grade expectations are the same, and in the 10th grade year a magical transition is made from knowing 10 keys to knowing 24, knowing 3 positions to knowing 10 (violin/viola) or 14 (cello) or 18 (bass).  [Also, I am fairly certain that 5th-8th graders are expected to have good 'tone' production!]