MISSION: Igniting all students ambition for their future.

VISION: Counselors will reach our mission through creating connections that are safe for students. Counselors will empower students, families and staff with resources. Counselors will allow students to dream and help them create and meet achievable goals. 

Top 3 Tips for Student Academic Success:
  • Do your homework! A missing assignment's zero and an A+/100%  assignment averaged equals F/50%. 
  • Please check your grades and completion of assignments often using Parent Portal...you can also check your ICAP/Naviance work there.
  • When you are ill, remember that work in class continues on. Ask each teacher when you return what you missed...and then do it along with current work.
What kind of counseling middle school counselors do with    individuals, small groups, and advise:
  • Personal (i.e.,  goal-setting and crisis counseling)
  • Social-Emotional (i.e., conflict mediation, making friends,         teen issues)
  • Career (i.e., exploration using Naviance)
  • Academic (i.e., study and organizational skills, collaborating  with teachers re: students)