Computer Labs & Carts

These calendars are in view mode. To sign up for a lab or cart(s), check here for availability and then make a reservation by clicking on the "+Google Calendar" tab in the bottom right corner of the calendar.   When reserving labs or cart(s), you MUST indicate the resource(s) you are reserving.  Thanks!
What are the difference in the computer labs?
Lab A007 - 32 Dell CPU's - Yes Microsoft Office. 
Lab A211 - 32 L230 Terminals - Yes Microsoft Office 

Computer Labs

What are the differences in the carts?
Carts 1 - 32 Chromebooks
Carts 2 - 15 older Dells - Yes Microsoft Office
Carts 3 & 4 - Yes Microsoft Office 

Laptop/Chromebook/iPad Carts