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The financial processes have become increasingly difficult and time consuming. Consequently, anytime you need to spend money, PLEASE check with the financial secretary FIRST. Some very basic processes are explained below. 

Also, for your reference, a PowerPoint Presentation is available on this page on the left hand Documents column by clicking on "Financial Office Guidelines"

Collection of Money for Field Trips, etc

Collections for field trips, resale novels, workbooks, dues etc will be taken care of through the Financial Office. Please follow the procedure below to allow the new procedure to flow as smoothly as possible:

  1. As soon as you know the teacher knows about and upcoming field trip, etc, where a fee will be collected please notify the Financial Secretary by filling out a "Fee Request" which may be found in the left hand column of this website.
  2. A fee will be created in the Cash Income system. 
  3. The students will no longer turn the money into the teacher, but rather, the parents/students will have the option of turning the money into the Financial Office or paying online through JeffcoConnect.
  4. The same reporting will be provided as for regular fees and it will be the teacher's responsibility to review that report. If more frequent reports are needed, please let the secretary know and it will be provided via email. 
  5. Students are NOT to be given the items that are being paid for until their names show up on that report or they bring you a receipt showing that they have paid. Please get with the Financial Secretary if you need help navigating the report.


Food may not be brought into the school as a reward to students (within 30 minutes of official breakfast and lunch times within the school). This is considered competition with Food Services. Instead, please consider catering from Food Services. One example of this would be bringing in bagels and cream cheese for the students for breakfast.

Beverages purchased for students will not be reimbursed via petty cash. The district has a very specific contract with Pepsi. If you need to purchase beverages for the students, please coordinate this through the financial office.

District funds may NOT be spent on food for staff. The only exception to this is the commissions the school receives from the Pepsi Machine in the staff lounge.

Gift Cards

Jeffco Policy – Cash gifts and Gift Certificates (or cards) may not be purchased with District funds to be given to employees. ALL forms of liquid compensation (cash or gift cards) to employees must be processed through payroll as additional pay.

A gift card purchased as an educational incentive is an acceptable practice. The purpose of the gift card must be clearly identifiable as an educational incentive or completely random, as in the case of a drawing. A log must be maintained indicating purchases and recipients of gift cards. It is not advised that you purchase gift cards with grant funds because this is not an allowable expenditure for most grants.

Examples of an educational incentive is the school library might give a gift card for reaching reading goals, gift cards could be given through a drawing process during CSAP’s, in a drawing at after prom parties, etc. BE VERY CARFUL that this does not extend to giving a student a gift card because they provided babysitting services or painted the props for a play,or because their art project earned them an award, etc. These are all examples of 1099 payments that have to be processed via a check from Accounts Payable. The gift card has to be identifiable as an educational incentive as in the case of the reading goals or completely random and not service related as in the case of the after prom drawing. 

iPad App Process

  • The Financial Secretary is the facilitator of the iPad purchasing account at Conifer HS. 
  • To purchase Apps for the iPad, please fill out an Expense Authorization Form and turn into the secretary. 
    • iPad Apps should not be purchased and uploaded outside of this process and will not be reimbursed via Petty Cash.
  • Once the App is purchased, Apple will email a spreadsheet link to the secretary who will then forward that to the Librarian (Gail Bonner).  She will need the iPad to authorize and upload the app.


In some instances staff members may need to be reimbursed for mileage.  The mileage needs to be approved by the Principal or your Administrator before the trip.  If traveling for Professional Development, mileage needs to be included on the Travel Request, Approval and Expense Report form when requesting the Professional Development. Additionally, once approved, please get with the Financial Secretary to get help in reporting the mileage in ESS.  The default accounting string that is on the Mileage Reimbursement website is not the correct accounting string, so the Secretary will need to make sure you add the correct Alternate accounting string.

Money Handling

Students may not transport money to the office for teachers. As per Board Policy DM – All money collected by staff should be turned into the financial office on a daily basis. Money that is locked in the financial office safe is covered by District insurance. Money in a desk or file cabinet is not covered. When turning money into the financial office, a Collection Transmittal Form or Group Collection Form needs to accompany the funds (Please keep the yellow/back copy). Money may not be turned in without these forms included. Also, please make sure and log all money turned in to the Financial Secretary on the Revenue Log in the financial office.

Once the funds have been receipted by the Financial Secretary in PeopleSoft a system generated email receipt will be sent showing the amount that was entered. Please verify that the amount is correct.

Ordering Supplies/Textbooks, etc.

A Conifer HS Expenditure Authorization Form needs to be filled out and signed by your Dept Chair before turning into the Financial Office. The top box must be complete or it will be returned and delay your order. The catalog or order sheet may be attached to the order form if this is easier than filling out the bottom portion of the form. Once the supplies come in, please verify that the packing slip agrees with what was received, sign it and turn it in to the financial secretary. Also, please notify the financial secretary ASAP if there is problem so it can be rectified.

Petty Cash

Any reimbursements under $100 will be made via petty cash. All others will be made with a check. The Dept. Chair needs to sign the Petty Cash Voucher before reimbursement will be made. Reimbursement will be made from Petty Cash when original receipts are provided. Credit Card receipts showing only the total charge is not acceptable, ESPECIALLY restaurant receipts. A detailed receipt MUST be provided showing what food and drink items were purchased. 


Please have any letters that you need to be mailed turned into the Financial Office. Put it in the basket just inside the door of the Financial Office. All letters received by 10:00 am will be sent out that same day. Otherwise it will be processed and mailed the following day. It is against district policy to use district funds for personal mail. In addition, stamps may not be sold to employees.

Professional Development

The process for the school or district to pay for Professional Development is to begin by filling out the Travel Request, Approval and Expense Report form and having it approved by the Principal. No reimbursement will be made if this is not taken care of prior to the Conference, etc.

Textbook Inventory

At the end of the school year, the Dept. Chairs will receive a Textbook Inventory. This must be turned in prior to leaving for the summer. Fines will not be put in the system until the inventory is turned in.

Textbook Orders - Please review the policy from Purchasing at this LINK

Vendor Services

Individuals (employees, volunteers, parents, etc.) are not allowed to pay for services on behalf of the school and then receive reimbursement from Jeffco. All payments for services must be processed through Accounts Payable to insure that all Independent Contractor payments are processed correctly.

Please be advised that you are not authorized to enter into a contract with vendors on the district’s behalf (unless you are an administrator). This has to come from your administrator or, in cases where the dollar amount will be over $5000, from the district.

There are several agreements and waivers that need to obtain from the vendor prior to the work being done, so PLEASE make sure the financial secretary is involved at the very beginning of the process. The paperwork has to be processed on a yearly basis to make sure they are adequately insured, and are up to speed with the district regulations.

Vendor Sales Calls

Please don’t respond to solicitations from vendors if they contact you. They SHOULD NOT be calling you (it’s often a scam). If you are requesting something, that is fine…otherwise, please refer them to the Purchasing Dept (303-982-6750). One example that happens several times a year is a company “Center for Education and Employment Law”. We do not subscribe to their materials as a district. Also, you may get calls (scam calls) from vendors trying to sell toner.

Vehicle Rentals
If you need to rent a vehicle, you will need to work with the Financial Secretary, who will contact the vendor and make arrangements.  DO NOT pay for the van with your personal funds. Begin the process by filling a Vehicle Rental Request.