10 Ways to Care for Your Library Books

The books in our library are precious! Here are 10 simple ways to care for your library books:

1. Read with clean hand.
2. Keep your book close to you.
3. Turn pages carefully so as not to tear the pages.
4. Do not draw, write in, or color in a library book.
5. Use a bookmark (don't fold the pages)! <-- Mrs. Workman has plenty of bookmarks for you in the library, just ask! :)
6. Carry the book correctly (this usually means closed, using two hands).
7. Keep the way from food and drinks.
8. Keep the book away from pets and babies.
9. Keep your book in your backpack when you aren't reading it (don't bring it outside, especially in the rain or snow)!
10. Return the book to the library on time (or early!) so that other students can enjoy it.