Eagle Eyes

Men, Eagle Eyes needs you to volunteer one day this year! 

Eagle Eyes need Dads, Uncles, Granddads and other male guardians to:
  • Monitor bus drop 
  •  Help with lunch and play at recesses
  • Patrol school and perimeter 
  •  Participate in classroom activities
Your presence will:
  • Increase achievement 
  • Improve attendance
  • Increase security 
  • Increase healthy behavior
  • Decrease bullying 
  •  Lower discipline incidences

Our Eagle Eye program has officially begun. This year we are trying something new.  Each grade level will have a designated month for Eagle Eye volunteers. HOWEVER, if you can’t sign up during your student’s  designated month, you can sign up for ANY day, ANY month!! The class with the highest percentage of Eagle Eye volunteers for the year will receive a pizza party with Principal Livingston.

 Here are each of  the grade level’s designated months:

Kindergarten  October

1st Grade         February

2nd Grade        April

3rd Grade        December

4th Grade        January

5th Grade        November

6th Grade        May

7th Grade        March

8th Grade        May

Please contact Nancy Fischer, School Secretary for sign-up information. 303-982-3409 or