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The race to summer has begun!  I am glad so many of you were able to come to Field Day.  We all had a blast. 
Information for this week:
Tomorrow will be the last day your child will be able to take an AR test due to the fact we will be gone most of the day on Wednesday. 
Zoo Field Trip  Hopefully you have had a chance to read the letter regarding the zoo trip on Wednesday that was in your child's Friday Folder.    If you have any questions please email me.  Remember your child will need a lunch, drink and a backpack.  Please make sure your child is on time that day.
Homework:   We will be having a spelling test this Friday but I will not be sending the spelling worksheets home.  We will complete those in class.  All I ask that you do is go over them with your child and intial that you have seen the work.  Tonight will be the only night I will send math homework.
 Specials  Tues-Thurs  4th specials   Friday  PE
Keep in mind May 30th is the last day of school!!  I would like the boys and girls to wear their Field Day shirts for those that didn't get signatures on Friday.
I hope all you moms had a wonderful and Happy Mother's Day yesterday.
 It is hard to believe we are on our last 12 days of school.  Just a few reminders:
  • All library books are due May 15th.  Most of the students have earned all of their points to meet the AR goal that is posted in the Friday Folder.  I did mention to the class today that if they have some paperback books they could bring to share with the class that would be helpful.  Just make sure your child's name is in them. The last day for us to take an AR test will be May 21st since we will be at the zoo all day on the 22nd .
  • This Friday is Field Day  Make sure your child has plenty of sunscreen and has a waterbottle.  The hotdog cart will not be here this year so plan accordingly.  Your child will be able to purchase a lunch from the cafeteria that day.
Dates to remember:
                 May 15th      Early Dismissal 12:45
           May 17th    Second Grade Field Day
                May 20th    Last Day to take an AR test
           May 24th    Retirement Party!! 3:30-5:00
           May 30th    Last day of school (early dismissal)
 Learning for the week of May 13th
Reading:  "Cowboys" and non-fiction narrative about what life was like for the American Cowboy.
Spelling/Phonics  suffixes ness and less
Writing: The boys and girls will be writing about three things they have learned this year.   *This will go in a portfolio of their writing which will follow them to third grade!
Math: Identifying Right angles, finding area of an object using 1 inch tiles, drawing pictures for equal groups (mulitiplication)
Core Knowledge:  Force and Motion  Simple Machines
Specials M-Wed.  ART   
 This week's learning:
Reading:  "Red, White, and Blue the Story of the American Flag"  In this non-fiction selection we are recapping the information we have learned this year in Core Knowledge.
Phonics:  suffixes ed, ing 
Writing:  What is means to be a citizen of the United States
Math: Counting money, parallell lines, adding three digit numbers and money amount, estimating sums.
Core Knowledge: We will be switching to science.  This week we will be studying body systems
Specials  M= ART  Tues-Thurs. Music   Friday 4th
April 15, 2013
      What a fun day we had learning about Ireland, England and Greece.  We look forward to hearing from our other presenters throughout the week.  Make sure that your child has practiced several times reading his/her report out loud.  I will help them but each child should be able to do this on their own.
       I've had several people ask when they should bring the food.  Please mark on your calendar  Wednesday ,April 24th, Immigration Day. This will be their lunch for that day.  (Keep in mind it is also an early release day- 12:45) Your child should be bringing enough for each classmate to have a taste.  It helps to already have items cut, if at all possible.  I do have several parents that have volunteered to help serve. (I need you here no later than 11:15-no earlier than 11:00 please)

This week's learning will be centered around immigration.  We read a story about the Statue of Liberty today.  Tomorrow we will spend some time writing down  interesting facts we learned.  Mrs. Neito even came into  the classroom to share information about her grandfather's family and their arrival at Ellis Island.  Everyone is loving this unit!!
We will also be reading other stories that relate to immigration.  Due to the fact we are not using our regular reading book we will not have a spelling lesson for this week.  That means to spelling test or homework
Tomorrow April 16th is the last day to send in Field Day T-shirt money.  You can take it directly to the office or have your child bring it to me.  It is always fun for the kids to wear  these.  On Field Day  they sign their names  on the back of each other's shirt.  A fun remembrance of  second grade.   (If you would prefer you child not have other students sign your child's shirt please let me know)
I still have a few that have not signed up for your child's DRA test on either the 25th or 26th.  www.SignUpGenius.com/go/10C044FADAD28A46-dratesting (You will need to copy and paste this. Sorry,  I can't figure out how it lets you go directly to the sight)  Please do so ASAP. I will be sending home confirmation notes in this Friday's Folder. 
Specials  Mon-Wed.  4th   Thurs and Friday GYM   
Remember tomorrow is library day

April 8, 2013

April snows bring?  . Hopefully tomorrow won't be as bad as they are predicting.  Just listen for school closures on the news.  
Remember that  on Wednesday all second graders will be taking the BEAR reading assessment.  Please make sure that your child is rested and has had a nutritious breakfast.
If you have not gone to "Sign Up Genius" to sign up for   your child's DRA assessment time please do so by April 12th.  www.SignUpGenius.com/go/10C044FADAD28A46-dratesting (You will need to copy and paste this. Sorry,  I can't figure out how it lets you go directly to the sight)
Hopefully presentations are coming along,  it looks like everyone will get a day to work on them.
Schedule of presentations:
April 15th        April 16th        April 17th          April 18th        April 19th
Juliana             Mason              Kelsey               Tehya              Hunter
Kaylee             Cole                 Myles                 Julia                Caden
Christina         George             Evelyn               Mitch               Liam
Josie                Gabe                Logan                Kennedy         Grace 
                                                Averi                 Donovan          Braden

Presentations will begin at 12:40 if you would like to come watch your child.  (Sorry I can't give you an exact time for your child.  Each presentation usually lasts around 5-10 minutes.  
This week in second grade we are:

Spelling/phonics  Learning more contractions

Writing:  Using our Core Knowledge topic as a prompt we will write about two things we would bring on our voyage as immigrants.

Reading Today we began the final unit of the Reading Street series. Unit 6: Traditions focuses on how traditions and celebrations are important to our lives, and all five stories of this final unit will emphasize those themes. 
Batter up! This week's paired selections are both about baseball. Just Like Josh Gibson is the realistic fiction account of a young girl who tries to play ball as well as her hero, Josh Gibson. Our second selection is a timeline of baseball history called How Baseball Began.

Math:  Our facts are getting harder and some students are getting left behind.  Please practice these with your child if you see that he/she is having difficulty.  This week we are finding the area of shapes using pattern blocks, and finding the perimeter of shapes,

Core Knowledge We are continuing our unit on Immigration.  

Specials Mon-Tues ART  Wed-Friday  MUSIC

Have a good week,
Claudia Priest

April 2, 2013
Welcome back! I hope everyone had a fun and restful break.  

In honor of the Rockies home opener this Friday April 5th I am declaring it "Rockies Day" in Mrs. Priest's class.  Wear your purple and black with pride!!  Maybe their 20th Anniversary will be the Rockies'  year!
This week we will be:

Spelling:  This week we will be reviewing some of the phonics rules.  The list and homework will look a little different to you.  You can go to "Classroom Documents" for a list of the 20 words and 2 dictation sentences.  Due to the short week and the lessons we are doing in class there will be no bonus words this week.

Reading:  We are reviewing the comprehension strategies we have learned this year in preparation for the BEAR test next week on Wednesday April 10th.  You will be receiving information in your child's Friday folder concerning this Jefferson County assessment.

Writing: We will be writing and describing some of the fun activities we did over break.  We will also be writing some poetry.

Math: Identify and describe geometric solids, identify metric units of measuring,
measuring and drawing line segments using centimeters, multiplying by 1 and 100

Core Knowledge: We will begin our three week unit on Immigration.

Schedule of presentations:
April 15th        April 16th        April 17th          April 18th        April 19th
Juliana             Mason              Kelsey               Tehya              Hunter
Kaylee             Cole                 Myles                 Julia                Caden
Christina         George             Evelyn               Mitch               Liam
Josie                Gabe                Logan                Kennedy         Grace 
                                                Averi                 Donovan          Braden

Presentations will begin at 12:40 if you would like to come watch your child.  (Sorry I can't give you an exact time for your child.  Each presentation usually lasts around 5-10 minutes.  

Specials:  Tues-Thurs  PE  Friday ART

Mark your calendars for April 25th and 26th.  Those are testing days at Normandy.(We will not have school on those two days)  I will be setting up a calendar on line where you can go  and sign up for the day and time that will be convenient for your family.(It will be "Sign up Genius")

Have a great week,

Claudia Priest

Week of March 18th
Happy spring!!  
A few quick reminders:  You should have gotten the information regarding Immigration Day in last week's Friday folder.  If you have not sent in the form indicating your child's country please do so before Friday.  You will receive a pattern for the doll in this Friday's folder. You will also be receiving a grading rubric.  This will give you a good idea of how we will be grading these presentations.  Most of the research your child will be doing on his/her country will be with you at home.   
Remember that Friday is an early release day at 12:45.  I hope everyone has a fun restful Spring Vacation and will be back for the last part of Second Grade on Tuesday, April 2nd!!
Week of March 11th

Reading:  This week we are reading "Signmaker's Assistant".  It is a fantasy story about a young man that causes havoc in his little town.  
We are also reading "Flat Stanley".  This has become an international favorite among elementary children.  Hopefully your child showed you their own "Flat Stanley" and the information along with it.  This is not a required activity but one the students love to do.
Writing: The students will be writing a story about their own adventure of being "flat".
Math: Subtraction facts, rounding to the nearest 10, dividing in half, estimating a sum
Core knowledge: We will finish our unit on the Civil War
Specials M-W  Music  Thurs and Fri.  4th Specials

Reading: This week the second graders   will explore and discuss the topic of friendship this week. We'll focus on the questions "What makes a true friend?" and "How can I be a good friend?" as we read Horace and Morris but mostly Dolores. This amusing fantasy about three (not blind) mice, who build a clubhouse together, was written by James Howe, and I think the children  will really enjoy his clever writing style.
We'll also read a newspaper article about kids playing soccer. It's called Good Kicking and was written by Rob Richardson. 

Spelling: Words containing f, ff, gh, and ph 

Writing:  We will be writing about friendship

Math: Subtraction facts, writing number sentences to show equal groups, counting quarters, rounding to the nearest ten, estimating and counting large collections.

Core Knowledge: We are continuing our study of the Civil War

 Specials: Mon. & Tues.  PE  Wed.-Friday  ART

This is the last week of TCAP testing.  Keep in mind that  they are using the library as a testing room.  That has made it difficult for our kids to get in.  Hopefully you might be able to visit the Columbine Library.

March 4, 2013
I am not sure if March came in like a lion or lamb?  It is good to see all of this moisture.  March did come in like a lion at my house.  Thursday my father had a mild stroke and was in the hospital until yesterday.  He will be in a rehabilatation facility for the time being.  Please keep him in your thoughts.
On a more exciting note one of my former students just signed a deal with the Rockies!!
 C.J. Gillman, a former two-sport star at Columbine High School, said his contract from the independent Windy City Thunderbolts of the Frontier League was bought out by the Rockies. He is to report to Arizona on Friday. "Unbelievable," the 23-year-old Gillman said. "All I've ever wanted was a shot." A former state champion at Columbine in football and baseball (he was All-Colorado in both by The Denver Post), the 6-foot-1, 198-pound Gillman is a switch-hitting catcher. Last season with Windy City, he batted .246 with one home run and 25 RBIs in 59 games. The Rockies signed him after a recent workout. Neil H. Devlin, The Denver Post

With the intermediate grades taking TCAP  tests for the next two weeks our schedule has changed a little bit.  Our specials time is now from 9:40-10:25, followed by our daily snack.  We will then have our second recess in the afternoon.  They seemed to enjoy the change today.
Learning for the week of March 4th
Spelling/Phonics  "ghost" letters kn, wr, mb, and gn
Reading:  We continue our unit on stories that discuss responsibility.  This week we are reading a non-fiction story, "Bad Dog, Dodger", about a boy and his funny dog, Dodger. 
Writing:  We will be working with possessive pronouns and working on writing.
Math:  Writing numbers using $ and cents, subtracting two digit numbers, subtraction facts of 5
Core Knowledge: We will begin a brief unit on the Civil War
Specials M= Music  Tues-Thurs. 4th  Fri.=PE
Report cards will be coming home on Wednesday.   
Spring Break March 25th-April 1st
What a crazy weekend!  It looks like the groundhog was wrong and we will be having six more weeks of winter.
We almost have a normal week except for Wednesday, remember is a early dismissal at 12:45.
Learning for the week of February 25th.
Spelling  prefixes un, re, pre, dis
Reading :  This week's selection is One Dark Night. It  is the story of a young boy named Jonathan who rescues a cat and her kittens during a storm. Showing kindness to animals is the theme of both the story and the paired poetry selections this week.  We will be reviewing sequencing and main idea.  We will also be reviewing similes.
We are now on our last TRI-mester.  Your child and I will be setting new AR goals.
Writing/Grammar: We are working on pronouns as well as reviewing the different types of puncturation.   This week the students will be writing a paragraph detailing their bedrooms.
Math:  Subtraction fact 4,  <,>, and = symbols, pictographs, and fractions.
Core Knowledge:  Seasons
Specials: M-W  ART  Thurs. & Fri. Music
Thursday helper  Mary Johnson
Have a great week,
Claudia PRiest


February 11, 2012
With Valentine's Day just around the corner just a reminder to have your child bring their box or bag Wednesday or Thursday.  We have 23 students so they should bring 22 valentines.  It is much easier if they don't address the envelopes.
For those that prefer to address them:
Class List
Juliana, Christina, Kaylee, Josie, Mason, Cole, George, Gabe, Kelsey, Myles, Evelyn, Logan, Tehya, Julia, Mitch, Kennedy, Hunter, Caden, Liam,
Donovan, Grace, Averi, and Braden.
Our party will begin at 2:15. 
Just a reminder there will be no school this Friday or Monday.
Thank you to those of you that are helping with Traffic and Safety this week.
Claudia Priest
February 4, 2013
What a great response to my Valentine email.  Thank you for helping to make this a successful party.  The

 boys and girls should be decorating a box or bag to hold all of the cards they will be receiving.  I would like these no later than Feb. 13th and not before the 12th.  I will let them "deliver" their valentines in class on Tues. and Weds.  Feel free to  join the party on the 14th at 2:15.

This week's learning:

Reading: This week we will read about a little girl's courage and accomplishments in the face of great challenges in the nonfiction narrative Helen Keller and the Big Storm. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the lives of Helen Keller and her teacher Annie Sullivan as we read and discuss the selection. 
We'll also read a science selection called Wind, written by Marion Bauer. In it student will learn what causes wind and what effect it has on us. 

Writing:  We begin our February unit on writing "Just the Facts"

Cursive:  we will learn i, t, u and w

Math:  Subtraction facts of 2, subtracting 10 from a number, measuring and drawing line segments to the nearest half inch, adding two-digit numbers with a sum greater that 100,  representing numbers using base ten blocks

Core Knowledge:  Unit on Weather

Specials  M:  PE  Tues-Thurs  ART   Fri.   Music

No school   February   15th or   18th

Conference notes will be coming home this week

I also will be making a sign up genius for volunteering in the classroom.
You should see that tonight or tomorrow.

Have a great week

Claudia Priest


January 28, 2013
It is wonderful to finally get some much needed moisture.  I hope everyone made it home safely.  We had a wonderful day. 
It is my pleasure to welcome Braden Funk to our class.  He comes to us from Powderhorn,  WELCOME Braden.  The boys and girls were so excited to see a new face.  They welcomed him with open arms.
Traffic and Safety
Our week is February 11-14th Please sign up at

Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  You should be getting an  email invitation to help in the classroom and to bring supplies to help make our party successful on February 14th at 2:15.  We will play a few games, have ice cream sundaes, and make a little craft.  Your child will need to bring 22 Valentines no later that February 13th.  Just have them sign their names on the card, no names on the envelopes. (It is much easier to deliver them) 

Remember that Wednesday is Early Dismissal at 12:45.

Learning for this week:

Reading:  Today we'll began Unit 4: Our Changing World. As we read the five stories in this unit we'll explore the big ideas "How do things change? How do they stay the same?"

The Quilt Story, by Tony Johnston is this week's new Reading selection. This realistic fiction story centers around an heirloom quilt that gets passed from generation to generation. We'll also read about another quilt - a real one this time - in the paired selection Making Memories. This selection is an interview with Mary Jane McDonald who helped stitch a quilt made to commemorate the 200th birthday of Brewster, Massachusetts.  Our strategy this week will be to compare and contrast.

Reading at home:  Is your child reading every night for at least 20 minutes?

Writing:  We will continue to write opinion paragraphs.  We will also be reviewing parts of speech and different types of sentences.

Core Knowledge: This week and for the month of February we will be learning about Weather and its cause and effect.

Specials: M-W  4th specials   Thur. and Fri.  PE


Week of January 21, 2013
I hope everyone enjoyed the three day weekend.  The weather is simply spectacular.
As I stated last week it is hard to believe we are on the second half of our school year. Just a few reminders:  please remember to look over and initial your child's homework.  I noticed last week that the effort on homework is waning a bit.   I   encouraged the students to do their best and reminded them  "slow and steady wins the race" however "messy and sloppy" does it again.  I am also still giving "Quality Work Stars" for neat work.  (I haven't given too many lately. ) 
 It  seems like we have gone through our classroom library and the children are having a hard time finding "a good fit book".   Starting today they will keep one of their library books here and only bring one home.  If you have any books you are looking to get rid of please feel free to send them in.  

This week's learning:
Reading: This week's selection is a biography of the life of George Washington Carver. As students read Aliki's account of Dr. Carver's life, they'll learn about his many discoveries and the ways he helped his community and beyond.  The paired selection is a Reading Online article called What's Made from Corn? In it students will learn how to use an Internet search engine to find information. 

Spelling: Words with suffix, er and est  Remember that the dictation sentences are also part of the test. Study those too!!  This shows me that they know how to use the words in their writing. 

Writing: We continue our unit on Opinion Writing

Cursive: We will practice reading cursive and begin letters next week

Math: Subtraction facts, venn diagram, problem solving, what is a dozen, AM and PM

Core Knowledge:  We will be wrapping up our economics unit 

Specials  Tuesday -ART  Wed-Fri.  Music

Remember next week January 30th is early dismissal  12:45

Have a super week,
Mrs. Priest

 January 16, 2013
What an interesting start to our week!  I'm glad that the temperature is beginning to go in the other direction.  The soft start is working like a dream.  I am so proud of the way the boys and girls come  into the classroom and get right to work.  They have several choices after they have taken their homework out, hung up their backpack and made their lunch choice.  Some of the choices are: finish work from the day before, work on subtraction, read from their "good fit book", write in their journals...  So you can see we've actually added about 15 minutes of learning!! 
   We are having a great week of learning;

Reading: "Anansi Goes Fishing"  This is a great story how a turtle outsmarts a spider.  We are using this to learn about fact/opinion as well as cause and effect.  I'm also doing the second benchmark DIEBELS testing.  This checks for fluency and comprehension.  So far every one has shown progress from August.  
Writing:  The boys and girls are writing opinion paragraphs about winter.  Have your child tell you what they like about winter, or don't like.  
Spelling:  compound words
Math: We are practicing addition with reqrouping.  We have also been doing more problem solving and challenging math review. 
Next week I will be  trying something a little different.  It will be similiar to the "Bonus" words on spelling.  If your child wants  a challenge they will have the choice of doing these bonus questions. FYI:  It is not something that I will be requiring your child to do.  The "Bonus" problems will go home on Monday (next week Tuesday due to MLK day off) and should be turned in no later than Fridays.  
Core Knowledge:  Thanks to the Bronco's we had a perfect example this week of Supply and Demand and how that can change suddenly!!

Specials: M-W  PE       Thurs & Fri.   ART

Have a great week,
Claudia Priest 
Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a restful, peaceful, and exciting winter break.  I enjoyed being with my sons and the rest of my family.    My twin brother and his family from Tennessee were able to be here for about a week. 
 Now  that it is official I can let all of you great parents know that I have decided to retire at the end of this school year.  It truly has been a joy and a blessing to have been able to teach these terrific children.  Each child is precious in his/her own way.  This has been one of the best classes I've had in quite some time!!
We will be learning some amazing things this semester!
The morning went off without a hitch, each child came in quietly and proceeded to get ready for the day.
Learning for this week:
Reading:  "Rosa and Blanca" is a realistic fiction story about two sweet sisters and how they try to take care of each other.
Spelling /Phonics  Due to the short week we will be doing the worksheets in class and not having a spelling test this Friday.
Writing:  We will be learning how to write opinion paragraphs.
Math: YIKES! We are now doing 100 addition math facts.  I will be giving them 7 minutes to start out with then we will go down to 6 minutes.  I would like each student to get at least 80% (down and correct) during those 7 minutes.  We will be learning addition with regrouping.
Core Knowledge:  We are continuing our unit on Economics.  This week: Supply and Demand.  Broncos' play off tickets will be a great example!!
Specials=  4th
Library:  Your child can bring his/her library books any day this week. 

 December 17, 2012
        It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas break!  The countdown is on.   I'm sure every family has a lot going on at night so I'm giving everyone an early Christmas present, NO HOMEWORK  or SPELLING  this week. 
 Core knowledge has several great pieces of Christmas literature that we will be reading at discussing;
"The Night Before Christmas" and "A Christmas Carol" . 
Today we read "The Elves and the Shoemaker".  Tomorrow they will be writing their own version.  The students will also be creating their own elf and writing some descriptions about him/her.
  • Addition facts
  • Looking for a pattern to solve a problem
  • Identifying and creating congruent shapes
  • Adding two digit numbers with regrouping
Core Knowledge:  We began a unit on Economics.  We will be discussing wants vs. needs, goods and services...
Specials:  M-W  ART   Thurs and Fri.   Music
Have a great week,
Claudia Priest
December 10, 2012
"Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the classroom is so delightful"  What a terrific class I have!  They all have done such a tremendous job that they have earned an hour of game time tomorrow afternoon.    They are welcome to bring any  type of game or gameboard that does not run on electricity  (No video or DS type games) puzzles are also ok to bring. 
Learning for this week:
Spelling:  Long o spelled with ow and oa
Reading: The story for this week is Dear Juno.   is the story of a young boy who creates his own way to communicate with his South Korean grandmother who lives faraway in Seoul. This realistic fiction selection, written by Soyung Pak, tells how people from different countries, speaking different languages can communicate with each other. The paired nonfiction selection Saying It Without Words has a similar theme.
Writing:  To go along with our story we will be learning the parts of a letter and writing a letter to someone.
  • Addition facts with sums of 15, 16, 17 and 18
  • Drawing a number line
    Drawing line segments to the nearest inch
    Locating points on a number line
    Making polygons on a geoboard
    Identifying the angles of a polygon
Core Knowledge:  Maps and geography  We will be wrapping up our unit on map reading and geography.
Specials  M-Tues  4th    W-Fri  Yippie  PE
Have a great week,
Claudia Priest
 Cole Edwards shared a fun website with the class today.  For those students that love the Magic Treehouse series  www.magictreehouse.com
           December 4th
          Happy December everyone!  Well I didn't have to sit on a jury but I did end up sitting with my father who had fainted while he was  home alone.  Good news is  he is fine and I'm back where I belong!
          Learning for this week:
          Spelling/Phonics: long e spelled with ee, ea, and y
           Reading:  Our story this week is Pearl and Wagner: Two Good Friends, by Kate McMullen. In this amusing animal fantasy we'll read about a robot that Pearl and Wagner design for the school science fair. The paired selection is an article called Robots at Home that continues the robot theme. 
          Writing: We will write descriptive paragraphs about our own robots.
          • Counting dimes, nickels, and pennies
          • Identifying a line of symmetry, creating a symmetrical design
          • adding two-digit numbers using dimes and pennies
          Core Knowledge: We continue our study of maps and geography
          Specials: M/ ART  Tues.-Thurs. Music  Fri.  4th
          Have a great week,
          Claudia Priest
           November 26th
          I hope that everyone had a nice restful Thanksgiving break.  It went fast but I enjoyed being with my family.   All of the students seemed excited to be back today.
          Learning for this week;
          Spelling/Phonics words that contain ar, or and ore
          Reading: "Tara and Tiree, Fearless Friends"  This is a non-fiction story about two dogs that show loyalty and courage by saving their owner after he falls into a frozen lake in Canada.  We will work on predicting and the sequence of a story.
          Writing:  We will learn the steps in writing directions and the importance of the sequence for them.
          Math: Identifying similarities and differences among coins, counting nickels, creating and reading a bar graph, creating and reading a venn diagram, ordering two-digit numbers, working on problem solving.
          Specials: M-Wed. PE                   Thurs & Fri. ART
          Don't forget to visit the book fair.   I will be reading tomorrow night from 6:00-6:15.
          Have a great week,
          Claudia Priest
          Week of Nov. 12th
          As we look forward to next  week  I want to wish everyone a restful and Happy Thanksgiving.   I am thankful for each precious child that is in my class this year and each wonderful family they represent.  I feel truly blessed to have this special class!
          Mark your calendars:
          Wednesday:  Early dismissal at 12:45
          Thursday:  Field Trip bring a sack lunch and disposable drink
          Friday:  Report Cards go home New AR goals will come home
          Nov. 19th-23rd Thanksgiving Break
          Nov. 26th   Book Fair Week  Catalog will be in Friday Folder
          Learning for this week:
          Spelling:There are some changes for second trimester.  First, I would like  ALL students  to try the challenge words. ***The Bonus words  will still (and always) be extra credit only.  The other change is that we will be having two dictation sentences that will be part of the test.  Your child should also be practicing these during the week. 
          Reading:Eve Bunting is the author of the animal fantasy we will read this week. A Turkey for Thanksgiving gives a whole new and humorous meaning to having a turkey for dinner. This selection also provides opportunity for my students to discuss their own family holiday traditions. The paired selection is a Reading Online article, Thanksgiving USA, that tells how to find information about holidays using the Internet.
          Writing:  We will be writing about two things we are Thankful for.
          Math: Today we had fun measuring two items from our tote-trays plus our feet!!
          We will begin facts with sums of 12.  Counting nickels and ordering two digit numbers.
          Core Knowledge: We will continue our study of the Westward Expansion.  We will  also be studying maps.
           A big thank you to all of you that helped with Pioneer Day on Friday.  The boys and girls had a wonderful day full of fun and great memories.  Their costumes were adorable and it was fun to see all  of the creative ways our pioneer lunches were packed.
          We are excited to go on our Field Trip this Thursday to the Littleton Museum.  Keep in mind that your child should bring a sack lunch and a disposable drink.  We will be eating at the musuem. 
          Specials:  Monday Music   Tues-Thurs.  4th Specials          Fri.- PE
          Have a great week,
          Claudia Priest
           We are getting ready to load the wagons and head west!! Second graders will be immersed this week in our unit on Westward Expansion.  We will be reading "Twister on Tuesday" during reading and writing about the two things we would take with us on our long journey.  Due to the fact we will be reading from a chapter book we will not be having a spelling unit this week. (Do I hear a yippie for no spelling homework?) 
          A few reminders for this Friday, Pioneer Day.  We would like the students to come dressed in a costume representing that time period.  Your child will also need to bring a pioneer lunch on that day.  They also need to bring  a 12" x14" flat piece of brown cardboard.  This will be used in one of our activities.
          If you have signed up to be a helper on that day please plan on arriving around 9:50. ***** I had planned on setting up the room after school on Thursday but a dear friend of mine that was a retired teacher from Normandy (Mrs. Mary Allen "Allen Ave." who the second grade hallway is named after) passed away last week and her funeral is this Thursday afternoon.  If you are available on Wednesday after school instead please shoot me an email..
          This is going to be a fun and exciting week.
          Wednesday is the last day to take an AR test for this reporting period.  We start the next trimester points on Nov. 8th.  I will be meeting with your child to determine  a new goal for the second trimester. 
          November 14th is early dismissal at 12:45.
          Littleton Museum Field Trip November 15th. 
          Report cards go home November 16th.
          Thanksgiving break  Nov. 19th-23rd.
          Hope to see many of you on Friday.  If you would like to just peek in for a few moments you are welcome anytime between 10:00 and 12:00.
          Claudia Priest 
          Happy Halloween!  October has really flown by and I'm sure that November will also.
          I would like to thank Mary Johnson, Tanya Hayes, Susie Lee, Kristina Dubois, Natalie Adams, Corene Ross, John Edwards, Beth Edwards, Kim Mossberger and Janna Jackson for helping with Traffic and Safety last week.
             Your child should bring  his/her costume to school.  Halloween Party October 31st 2:15. If you haven't sent in your item for the party please to do tomorrow.      Feel free to stop in and see the Halloween festivities.
          Don't forget that this Friday is Class pictures.  Have your child bring in the form  and payment anytime by Friday.
          Learning for the week of Oct. 29th
          Spelling/Phonics  suffix s
          Reading:  We will read the familiar fairy tale The Bremen Town Musicians this week. Our reader presents this selection in the form of a play, retold by Carol Pugliano, so the children will enjoy taking turns acting out the various parts from the script. Our paired selection details examples of symbiosis - Animals Helping Animals, by Jacquelyn Siki. This selection is a photo essay, so students will see actual pictures of the odd relationships some animals form to ensure survival.
          Writing: We have finished our paragraphs on our two favorite things we enjoy about Halloween.  We will share those and work on ways to expand our writing.
          Math: We will identify tens and ones, identify halves, fourths, and eighths of a whole, create and read a bar graph, measure with one inch tiles (and candy corn!!)
          Core Knowledge: We will finish our unit on plants and animals.  We will then spend the next few weeks learning about the Westward Expansion in the United States during the 1800's. 
          Specials:  Mon. & Tues. 4th Specials, Wed-Fri.  PE  don't forget the gym shoes.
          My treat to all of you, NO HOMEWORK ON HALLOWEEN!!!
          Have a spooktacular week!!
          Claudia Priest
          Learning for the Week of Oct. 22nd
          Spelling/phonics  words with ir, er, and ur
          Reading: We will read a Native American folk tale called Turtle's Race with Beaver this week. The story tells about a conflict between the two main characters, Turtle and Beaver, and the contest they devise to resolve the problem. One important theme of the tale is sharing, and we'll talk a lot about that concept this week.
          This week's paired selection is a science diagram and article called The Secret Life of Ponds. In it students will read about aquatic animals and plants.
          Writing: We will be writing about our two favorite things about Halloween.
          Math: Facts, working with fractions, measuring to the nearest inch and an assessment
          Core Knowledge:  We continue our science unit: this week we will learn about habitats.
          Look for information in this Friday's Folder concerning Pioneer Day on Nov. 9th.  We will be asking that the children dress up in Pioneer or Native American costumes that they will wear to school.
          I truly enjoyed conferences last week and hope that everyone went away understanding your child's progress and learning a little bit more.  Please don't ever hesitate letting me know when you have questions or concerns about your child.
          Have a great week,
          Claudia Priest
          Learning for the week of October 15th
          Spelling Phonics words spelled with oo and u
          go to class documents for a complete list of the words.
          Reading: In correlation with our science unit we'll follow the course of a pumpkin seed from the time it is planted, through its growth and harvest, until it is made into pumpkin pie as we read Life Cycle of a Pumpkin, by Ron Fridell and Patricia Walsh. This expository nonfiction selection describes what seeds need to grow into mature productive plants and how those plants can be used by people. The paired selection is a poem called How do seeds know which way is up?
          Writing: We are learning about the revision and editing stage of writing as we continue to work on our "Slice of Life" stories.  We will also practice writing just topic sentences.
          Math: Today we had fun counting our button and pockets using tally marks.  We had 37 total buttons and 55 pockets. We will indentify horizontal, vertical and oblique lines. We will divide a whole into halves, fourths, and eighths, writing a unit fraction using fraction notation.
          Core Knowledge: We continue our life cycle unit with the Life Cycle of a Pumpkin.  We will also be learning the parts of a plant, what plants need, and how plants help us.
          Specials: M-W PE   (don't forget your gym shoes)  Thurs & Fri. ART
          Remember tomorrow is library day.
          See you at your child's conference,
          Claudia Priest

          ******Pioneer Day is just around the corner.  Mark your calendars for November 9th.  We will need helpers from 10:00-12:30.
          Learning for the week of October 8th.
          Spelling/phonics  words spelled with  ou and ow
          go to classroom documents for a complete list of the words
           Reading:This week's nonfiction selection is Frogs, by Gail Gibbons. The story is filled with information about the fascinating transformation from egg, to tadpole, to adult frog, that makes up the frog's life cycle. The selection also contains science diagrams detailing the parts of a frog's body and differences between frogs and toads.

          Our paired selection is an article describing another life cycle. In From Egg to Egg students will read about grasshoppers, and we'll compare their life cycle to what we've learned about frogs.
          Both stories coincide with our science unit on life cycles.


          Writing: We have been talking about where writers ideas come from.  One place is from things that happen to us.  This week we are writing "Slice of Life' stories. We have learned that you first brainstorm ideas, have a plan which helps to organize your ideas.  Then you begin your draft.  I will be sharing these with you next week at our Parent/Teacher conference.
          AR: Most of the class is becoming comfortable with taking AR tests.  As a class we have taken two tests from stories that are in our reading book.  You should be receiving updates when your child has taken an AR test.  You should also be able to see the number of points he/she has and the goal that they are working towards.  This will be another item for conferences.
          Math: Working on doubles plus one facts, learning about fact families and counting with tally marks. 
          Core Knowledge:  This week the Life Cycle of a frog.
          Specials:  Mon-Tues  Music    Wed-Friday   4th Specials
          Tuesday is library day bring back your books.
          Have a great week,
          Claudia Priest
          Happy October 1st!  What happened to September?
          A big thank you to Karla Rogers, Robin Chew,  Kim Mossberger and her mother, for making our chair pockets.  The kids love them and they are the perfect thing to keep all of our reading materials organized!!!
          Learning for the week of October 1st
          Reading:The Strongest One is a Native American tale, retold by Joseph Bruchac in the form of a play. Students will enjoy reading and acting out this fantasy that details what the main character, Little Red Ant learns about being strong.
          Our paired selection is a nonfiction science article by John Jacobs. Anteaters describes the habitat and habits of a very unusual creature - one that Little Red Ant would be wise to avoid!


          Phonics/Spelling: Diagraphs ch, tch, wh, wh
          See classroom documents for a full list of this week's words.
          Writing:  We will write a made up story about an ant.
          Math: Telling time to the half hour, counting pennies and dimes. 
           If your child has not brought in his or her change please do so ASAP
          20 pennies, 10 dimes, 10 nickels, and 4 quarters. 
          Core Knowledge: We have begun our month long unit on insects, life cycle of a plant, and animal habitats.
          This week we will be learning all about insects.
          Specials:  M-PE  Tues-Thurs  ART    Friday  RUN for technology.
          Friday Folder volunteer: Mary Johnson
          Have a great week,
          Claudia Priest
          I hope everyone was able to get out this weekend and enjoy the beautiful Colorado autumn.  My father and I took a drive into the mountains on Saturday and they were gorgeous.
          The weeks seem to be flying by now it is hard to believe we have now been in school a month. 
          This week's learning
          Reading: This week's story Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat is just for fun! The students will enjoy the funny things that happen to Ronald on the baseball field in this realistic fiction selection, written by Patricia Reilly Giff. The paired selection for the week is a funny poem by Brod Bagert entitled Spaceball.
          Spelling: Contractions go to documents page for a list of this week's words.  They may look easy but the students are expected to know the correct placement of the apostrophe for each contraction.
          Writing: How to use graphic organizers to help in writing.  What proper nouns are and that they should always be capatalized.
          Math: This week we will work on the 9's facts.  We will also draw pictures and write number sentences for addition and subtraction stories.  We will divide a shape in half and identify a fractional part to see if it is closer to 0,1/2, or 1.
          Core Knowledge: We are finishing our unit on Civil Rights leaders.  We will begin a 5 week science unit on living/non-living things, habitats and a lot more.
          Specials M-W 4th Specials   Thurs&Friday  PE  don't forget your gym shoes!!
          Have a great fall week,
          Claudia Priest
          September 17, 2012
          Happy Constituiton Day!  We wrapped up our learning of the constitution today.  Did you know that 225 people will become United States Citizens today!
          Learning for this week:
          Reading: "A Walk in the Desert".  This is a non-fiction selection.  We will discuss main idea, details in a story and text structure.
          Spelling/Phonics We are learning the doubling and dropping rule when adding suffixes: ed and ing (go to classroom documents for a complete list of this week's spelling words)
          Writing: We will choose  a desert animal and write a descriptive paragraph about it. 
          Math: This week we will review the week and weekend days, making a pictograph, identifying the fractions 1/2,1/3, and 1/6,  polygons ( a closed, flat figure bounded by line segments), and we will also work on making repeating patterns. 
          If your child has not brought in the change please send in:  20 pennies, 10 dimes, 10 nickels, and 4 quarters.  We do use these throughout the year.
          Core Knowledge:  This week we will discuss "Civil Rights" and meet some of the American heroes that brought about change for our country: Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez, Jackie Robinson and Susan B. Anthony.
          AR- On Tuesday we will be checking out at least one AR book from the library.  After your child has taken their first AR test you will be able to log into the "Renaissance Learning" site.  (This was the information you received in the Friday folder.
          Specials: Mon-Tues: ART  Wed-Friday  Music
          Friday folder volunteer: Janna Jackson
          Have a great week.
          New learning for the week of September 10th

          Reading: "Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night"  This is a book in a series about a boy and his dog.  We will use this text to learn about character and setting.  We will then learn the comprehension strategy of monitor and fix up.

          Phonics/spelling  Consonant blends (go to classroom documents for a complete list of the spelling words.)

          Math: We learned the commutative property of addition (the order of the number doesn't matter) today.  Facts are super easy this week just 1's and 0's.  This week we will also learn time to the half hour, odd/even numbers, and learn how to make a repeating pattern.

          Math at Home:  Here are some activities you can to to help your child practice the math he or she is learning at school. Ask your child to write a two-digit number on a piece of paper or dry-erase board.  Name a two-digit number and ask your child to tell you if the number he or she worte is higher or lower.    Continue until you have guessed the number.  Repeat several times.  Reverse the roles and have your child guess. Does your child need a challenge?  Try the same thing with a three-digit number.  Visit the Saxon website for more activities.  www.SaxonMath.com/Math2Activities

          Core Knowledge: This week we will continue  learning about our Constitution the men that wrote it  and why it is so important. 
          Specials Tues/Wed/Thurs   PE  (don't forget your gym shoes)   Friday ART
          Have a great week,
          Claudia Priest




          We had a great first week!  We are ready to get busy learning!!

          Learning for the week of August 27th:

          Reading:  "Iris and Walter" a sweet realistic fiction story about a girl that moves to the country and finds a new friend.

          Strategies we will be learning: predicting and setting of a story.

          Phonics/Spelling  short vowels  drum  rock  list  desk  job  sad  chop  sack  tag  rib  mess  dust 

          Challenge  pocket lettuce  engine (If these are too hard for your child they can skip them)

          Math  We will begin math fact tomorrow -doubles facts working with patterns and shapes, learning addition and subtraction story problems.


          Homework:  Beginning this week your child will have one piece of homework and (beginning tomorrow) two pieces of math-one guided practice the other a fact sheet.  Please look over the homework once your child has completed it then put your initials at the top.  That will let me know that you have seen the homework for that day.

          Library: We will be going to the library on Tuesday for checkout.  Your child will be able to check out two books.

          Specials: Tues-Thursday ART  Friday Music

          Core knowlege: We are learning the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen.


          Snacks and Water:  Just a reminder that we do have a snack time in the morning.  Your child can bring a healthy snack every day.  This is going to be a very hot week so you might also want to send a water bottle.