Rebelations 2024

23-24 Books are ALMOST here!

Check back for when distribution will be. 

If you have not purchased a book yet, we do have some left. Please call the financial office (303-982-2833) to purchase your book or log-in to your Infinite Campus Portal and go to your fees section. 

Before writing or making any marks inside or outside of the yearbook, check the book. Make sure there are no smears, tears, or any damage. Once the book is marked it cannot be returned. This year the supplement is NOT included in the book. This should be found in the back cover of your book. You can ask a staff member to place it for you, or you can place it yourself where you wish. After you’ve checked for marks and any damage, write your name on your book! The inside cover is a great spot to mark your yearbook. This will prevent the book from being stolen or lost. Once you’ve picked up your yearbook, we are no longer liable for the yearbook. 

Lastly, a word about kindness. If at a basketball game a player missed a rebound and the other team got the ball would you shout at them and embarrass the player? If a classmate made a simple math error on a problem and you saw it would you take a photo of it and put it on Snapchat? Hopefully the answer to these are no. You would realize it’s a mistake. People are human. Students are constantly learning and yes they make mistakes. This is no different in the creation of the yearbook. While the yearbook staff strives to do their best there’s no such thing as a perfect yearbook. That would be a book of blank pages. Put yourself in the shoes of a student who has put themselves out there. Worked for months on end to reach a deadline of 344 pages. How would you feel if all you heard was negativity? So ultimately we ask you to choose to be kind instead of critical. We sincerely apologize if you come upon any mistakes as you enjoy the book. Believe us, we’ve already seen the issue, and are even more upset about it than you. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about them at this point. If your school picture is not in the book there are a few reasons for this; 1. You transferred to Columbine after picture day, 2. You missed picture day, 3. There was a labeling error from Lifetouch 4. Your image was not provided to us. 

Love that picture of you and your friend on page 58? Awesome! That’s what we like to hear. We want to hear that feedback, and you can do that by using the hashtag #chsrebelations on social media. Let a member of the Rebelations team know they did a great job, or even post a photo with the book on Instagram and tag us @chsrebels_rebelations. Your continued support is what keeps us going, and we love to hear it!

The submissions for senior pictures has changed! PORTRAITS DUE OCTOBER 21st

Click this link to submit your senior portrait. 

Please include your LEGAL name when submitting your senior portrait!

The school code is: Columbine

Senior Portrait Submission Website

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If you are looking for all information about our Preferred Photographers please click this link: Senior Portrait Information

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