School Based Enterprise

School Store:   

All students in Marketing classes (Marketing, Accounting and Personal Finance) will work a few shifts in the DECA store as a lab experience while in class.  Mrs. Hall will provide the shift schedule in class at the beginning of the semester.  
On-The-Job-Experience/Training (OJE):

Students at Conifer High School can earn credit for their jobs or regular volunteer work by enrolling in OJE and a concurrent and related/ CTE class. To earn credit, students need to have OJE added to their schedules, meet with Mrs. Hall and...
  • Complete all required paperwork for OJE:
    • initial paperwork (due within the first 10 days of class)
    • turn in pay stubs 
      • pay stubs are turned in each pay period for the entire semester
    • Employer Evaluation Form
      • will be completed half way through the semester – due within ONE pay period after it is assigned.