2019 Summer School

Student must be logged into her/his jeffcoschools.us account to access the Registration form.

Summer School is for Credit Recovery or remediation only.  
It cannot be used to advance in a content area.

Columbine HS will host the south area summer school.  

The dates are May 30th through June 21st.   Monday - Thursday from 8-11 am.

Students must attend Orientation on May 30th from 8:00 am- 10:30 am.

Students are limited to 2 credit recovery classes through CHS summer school.
The cost is $165 per .5 credit class.

Student must be logged into her/his jeffcoschools.us account to access the Registration form
You may make payment (Cash or Visa/MC only)  in person at your home high school prior to May 24th,
or at Columbine HS anytime during regular school hours.  
The last days to make payments at Columbine are May 24th and May 28th  from 8 am through noon.

Registration is not complete without payment.

Students should consult with their counselor to verify the needed credit recovery class(es).

Attendance Policy

Due to the short length of the summer session, students who are absent from orientation and/or class for more than ONE day will be dropped from the program without credit (three tardy marks will count as one absence.) 

No refunds will be granted.

Summer School Administrator:
Ms. Shannon Vigil


Arapahoe Community College will host a summer school program with a wide variety of offerings.
Your counselor will need to complete a section of the registration packet.  Details will be available in May.