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VSOs - Violin Shaped Objects

For those of you who attended the rental meetings at the beginning of the school year, you heard me speak about Violin Shaped Objects.  These are violins, violas, cellos, and basses that have been painted to look AMAZING, but are NOT appropriate to play.  The paint prevents the instrument from resonating in a pleasing way, and they are cheaply made, which prevents them from staying in tune.  These issues are a recipe for failure for the beginning string student (any string player, really), and lead most often to disappointment, and lack of continued interest and success in orchestra.  If renting an instrument does not appeal to your family for whatever reason, and you find an instrument to purchase, please speak with Mrs. Bock before you do so.  Any reputable instrument will be sold by someone who allow you to bring the instrument to your teacher (Mrs. Bock) for inspection before you make this decision.