Policies and Important Information

Enrollment Requirements
    Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors must be enrolled in 6 classes each semester.  Seniors who are on-track with graduation requirements may enroll in 5 classes each semester. Enrollment in 6 classes each semester is considered a full schedule at Chatfield Senior High School. While some students request to enroll in 7 classes each semester, those students need to understand that they will not have a lunch period and that their gpa and class rank may be negatively affected. Please carefully consider your course selection as well as the number of courses you register for during the registration process. Chatfield Senior High School also works with dual-enrolled students (i.e. Jeffco Virtual Academy and Post-Secondary Options) on a case by case basis and according to district enrollment and registration policies. 

Grades and Credit
     Each class period is worth 0.5 credit per semester. Only juniors and seniors can be student assistants. In addition, these students must be enrolled in at least 5 other (0.5 credit) classes.

AP Courses
    The Advanced Placement Program was created by the College Board to offer an opportunity for advanced students to receive college credit while they are in high school. The amount of credit a student may receive is based on how successful he/she is on the AP test, which is given in May of each year. Each college/university determines the amount of credit that will be allotted based on a student’s performance on each respective AP exam. Since AP courses require a higher level of thinking, usage of advanced textbooks, and lengthy reading and writing assignments, it is strongly suggested that students and parents clearly understand the commitment and difficulty of an AP class. When students sign up for an AP class, they will be required to sign an agreement that commits them to take this class for at least the first semester of the school year. We encourage all students to discuss their choices with their teachers and/or counselor before signing up for the AP class. We also caution parents and students not to overload themselves with an excessive number of AP, Honors, and advanced classes. Please read each course description carefully before making your final decision.

Concurrent Enrollment
     The Concurrent Enrollment (CE) program provides high school students the opportunity to earn college credit through Arapahoe Community College (ACC) for high school courses they are currently taking at Chatfield Senior. In order to be eligible, the student must be scheduled into a CE course at Chatfield Senior. The student must complete all admission and registration requirements of ACC which include the ACC application, College Opportunity Form, and CE form. Some courses require a minimum ACCUPLACER score. Students may submit an ACT score to meet this requirement. Students will earn college credit for each CE course completed with a grade of “C” or better. Many of these courses are guaranteed to transfer to other Colorado or out-of-state higher education institutions. Chatfield Senior currently has over ten courses in six areas of concentration. Students may check with their counselor for more information.Graducation Ceremony
     Students will be required to complete all 23 required credits for graduation for participation in graduation ceremonies. Cooperation must be exhibited with school staff members and administration in senior activities, including the graduation ceremony. In order to preserve the unity of the graduation ceremony, students must conform to school-sanctioned standards and expectations for behavior and attire. School property must be returned, and school bills must be paid. Students must demonstrate adherence to the Student Conduct Code up to and including the day of graduation. Diplomas will be issued from the school in which students are enrolled during their last full semester prior to meeting graduation requirements.

Schedule Changes
     Course selections should be made after considerable thought and discussion with teachers, parents, and counselors. Schedule changes will be considered only for certain circumstances. Acceptable reasons for a schedule change include: 
  • A student is in a class without the proper prerequisite 
  • A student does not have a complete schedule 
  • A student is missing a required class from his/her schedule 
  • A senior needs a particular class to graduate 
  • A conflict exists between two courses offered the same period 
  • Level changes based on academic needs 
Class size will be considered when determining the appropriateness of a schedule change. 

Unacceptable reasons for a schedule change include, but are not limited to the following: 
  • Students who want a particular teacher 
  • Students who want a different lunch period 
  • Students who want the same class period as a friend 
  • Students who want certain periods off to accommodate a job or other outside activity

Boettcher Scholarship:
     Since 1953, the Boettcher Foundation has awarded nearly $60 million in undergraduate scholarships to many of Colorado’s best and brightest students. Their merit-based awards provide what is essentially a full-ride to any 4-year institution in Colorado. Students are eligible to apply for a Boettcher Scholarship if they meet the following criteria: 
  • Rank –Top 5%: Applicants must rank in the upper 5% of their graduating class (NOTE: Chatfield Senior High School determines this rank with weighted grades) 
  • ACT 27 or SAT 1200: Applicants must score at least a 27 composite on the ACT or a combined score of 1200 on the reading and mathematics section of the SAT 
  • Colorado Resident: Applicants must be legal residents of the State of Colorado, domiciled in Colorado for their junior and senior year of high school. 
For more information: www.boettcherfoundation.org/scholarship 

National Merit Scholarship: 
     The National Merit Scholarship Program is an academic competition for recognition and scholarships that began in 1955. High school students enter the National Merit Program by taking the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT). To participate in the National Merit Scholarship Program a student must: 
  • Take the PSAT/NMSQT in their junior year of high school 
  • Be enrolled as a high school student progressing normally toward graduation. 
  • Be a citizen of the United States. 
For more information: www.nationalmerit.org/nmsp

Top Scholars
  • All A’s in all classes 
  • Minimum of 6 advanced Placement Courses, including two in the “Math/Science” area and at least two in the “Humanities” (English, History, Art, World Language) area. 
  • Earn 24 credits according to the Jefferson County graduation requirements. 
  • No more than one B in a class, all A’s in every other class. 
  • Minimum of 4 Advanced Placement Courses, including one in the “Math/Science” area and at least one in the “Humanities” (English, History, Art, World Language) area. 
  • Earn 24 credits according to the Jefferson County graduation requirements. 
Distinguished Scholar:
  • All students in the top 10% of their class who do not qualify for the Valedictorian or Salutatorian will be recognized as Distinguished Scholars.

Withdrawal Procedure

     Withdrawal from Chatfield Senior High is a formalized process which students must complete through the Counseling Office. Withdrawals are not finalized until all books and materials have been returned to the classroom teacher and the library, all financial obligations have been cleared in the financial office, and all teachers have signed the withdrawal form. Transcripts will not be forwarded until students have followed the appropriate withdrawal procedures.