Auto Tech

Consumer Auto Tech
Semester - Grade level: 9 - 12 - Credit 1/2

This is an introductory course which provides a basic knowledge and understanding of the automobile. All automotive systems are covered. The class will cover theory of auto systems, application of theory to the automobile, and safety. There will be some hands on application. This is an ideal class for young men and women to learn about their automobile. (A drivers license is preferred but not required.)

Intermediate Auto Tech
Semester - Grade level: 10 - 12 - Credit 1/2
Prerequisite: Consumer Auto
     Auto Tech B is designed to expand the knowledge and skills that students attained in Consumer Auto. Intermediate Auto Tech is a prerequisite for the program offered at Warren Tech.

Vocational Auto Tech
Semester - Grade level: 11 - 12 - Credit 1/2
Prerequisite: Teacher Approval

This program is for students with a strong interest in auto mechanics who plan post-high school employment in this area. Students may be able to test for certification after completion for this class.