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Start of School

Be sure to get all of this done before school starts in order to have a smooth start to your year!
First Item:
 Update/Verify Student and Contact Information
Log on to JeffcoConnect and verify and/or update all information. Click on "Student Information" to get to your student. It is important for us to have current information at all times. Make sure you click "Submit" at the end.
 Second Item:

Pay Fees
Once you are logged in to JeffcoConnect, you can pay fees. Click on "Jeffco Student Fee Payment" link on the left under Student Information to start the process. Be sure that you are paying the correct fees for the classes for which your student is registered.
Third item:

 Print out your schedule
Have the student log into Infinite Campus to print our a copy of his/her schedule. Please contact the counseling office if you have difficulty with this step.

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