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NameWebsiteEmailPhone NumberDepartment/Title
NameWebsiteEmailPhone NumberDepartment/Title
Addison, David Science department 303.982.3539 Science 
Alonzo, Michael Alonzo website 303.982.3591 Math 
Aragon, Kelly Aragon website 303.982.3623 Art 
Asiala, Amy Asiala website 303.982.0964 English 
Aukland, Craig Administration 303.982.3576 Assistant Principal/Athletic Director 
Baker, Liz Baker website 303.982.5644 English 
Bartuska, Jim 303.982-5677 Site Technology 
Bazz, Lindsay Bazz website 303.982.3521 Social Studies 
Bergdale, Mark Bergdale website 303.982.9428 English 
Bertelsen, Joel Bertelsen website 303.982.3537 Science 
Bevilacqua, Brendette Bevilacqua website 303.982.3213 Spanish 
Blanchette, Stephanie Blanchette website 303.982.3627 Special Education 
Blume, Brock Blume website 303.982.3648 English 
Bock, Heather Orchestra website 303.982.3468 Orchestra 
Brich, Kevin Brich website 303.982.3594 English 
Broer, Chad Administration 303.982.3670 Principal 
Brusven, Keri Brusven website 303.982.3524 Math 
Buzanis, Monica Buzanis website 303.982.3659 English 
Chavez, Chanel C. Chavez website 303.982.8789 Business & Marketing 
Chavez, Stephanie S. Chavez website 303.982.4990 Social Studies 
Clark, Dale 303.982.3564 Social Studies 
Cox, Joe Cox website 303.982.3543 Science 
Crispino, Frankie Crispino website 303.982.3621 Spanish 
Daniels, Don Daniels website 303.982.3644 Social Studies 
Dickson, Jessica 303.982.3667 Special Education 
Elmore, Kyle PE 303.982.3677 Physical Education 
Everett, Adam Adam Everett's website 303.982.3619 English 
Everett, Patsy Patsy Everett's website 303.982.3604 English 
Finney, Alex Art department 303.982.3632 Art 
Fitch, Tom Fitch website 303.982.3541 Science 
Ford, Wendy Ford website 303.982.3642 Social Studies 
Galindo, Cathy Galindo website 303.982.3535 Science 
Garriott, Janice 303.982.3556 Attendance Secretary 
Gillespie, Jennifer Main Office 303.982.3657 Principal's Secretary 
Gipson, Anne 303.982.3670 Clinic 
Gisetti, Andrei Gisetti website 303.982.3662 Science 
Goar, Phyllis 303.982.3581 Cafeteria Manager 
Gold, Peggy Gold website 303.982.6103 Family & Consumer Sciences 
Gordon, Mike Gordon website 303.982.5053 Social Studies 
Graves, Seth 303.982.3593 Facility Manager 
Gunkel, Rhonda Gunkel website 303.982.3577 Spanish 
Hampton, Cyndy Counseling 303.982.7746 Social Worker 
Harper, Kristen Counseling 303.982.3649 Post Grad Secretary 
Harris, Doug 303.982.3608 Campus Security 
Hashemi, David Hashemi website 303.982.4195 English 
Hendrickson, CJ Hendrickson website 303.982.3647 German 
Henningson, Kim Henningson website 303.982.9488 Spanish 
Hepting, Kristen Hepting website 303.982.3625 English 
Herber, Andrew 303.982.3608 Campus Security 
Hitchens, Corrie Administration 303.982.3546 Assistant Principal 
Hogan, Somer Hogan website 303.982.3589 English 
Holland, Jeff Holland website 303.982.3540 Science 
Horowitz, Julie Horowitz website 303.982.3511 French 
Jackson, Josh Jackson website 303.982.3565 Choir 
Johnson, Joy 303.982.5411 Student Services 
Jones, Brenda Jones website 303.982.3654 Art 
Keat, Drew Keat website 303.982.3629 Theatre 
Keene, Stacy 303.982.8343 Special Education 
Kellogg, Anne Counseling 303.982.3562 Registrar 
Klinger, Mary Mary Klinger website 303.982.3587 Social Studies 
Klinger, Phil Phil Klinger website 303.982.3575 Social Studies 
Law, Molly 303.982.9227 Dean 
Lazzeri, Jen Lazzeri website 303.982.9175 Physical Education 
Lenz, Cathy Main Office 303.982.3555 Athletic Secretary 
Lerudis, Rich 303.982.3608 Campus Security 
Levering, Paige Levering website 303.982.3551 Spanish 
Libbey, Brian Libbey website 303.982.3612 English 
Lowry, Janet FACS website 303.982.6103 Family and Consumer Sciences 
Luigi, Stacia Administration 303.982.8685 Dean 
Lundy, Mike Lundy website 303.982.3554 Math 
Mages, Jeff Mages website 303.982.3510 Math 
Maresh, Paula Maresh website 303.982.3622 Science 
Markusch, Bradd 303.982.3590 Special Education 
McGatlin, Bret McGatlin website 303.982.4413 Physical Education 
McManus, Sharon 303.216.6192 Special Education 
McNaughton, Jessica McNaughton website 303.982.3586 Social Studies 
Menzies, Deahdra Menzies website 303.982.3661 Math 
Michaud, Andrew Michaud website 303.982.8382 Instrumental Music 
Mikkelson, Jennifer Finance website 303.982.3633 Financial Assistant 
Mitchell, Mark Mitchell website 303.982.6078 Automotive Technology 
Mohr, Katie Finance website 303.982. Financial Secretary 
Molina, Chad Counseling 303.982.3665 Counselor Se-Z 
Moore, Alma Alma Moore website 303.982.3651 Math 
Moore, Matthew Matthew Moore website 303.982.1338 Math 
Moore, Travis Travis Moore website 303.982.7722 Math 
Morroni, Chris Morroni website 303.982.8097 Math 
Mosher, Melissa Mosher website 303.982.3615 Math 
Myers, Greg Myers website 303.982.3655 Math 
Newson, Eric Newson website 303.982.3542 Social Studies 
O'Connell, Richard O'Connell website 303.982.3596 Refocus 
Olson, Chris Olson website 303.982.5281 Social Studies 
Orofino, James Orofino website 303.982.3640 Science 
Pegg, Anne 303.982.6275 ESLanguage Teacher 
Peterson, Leah Peterson website 303.982.3645 Science 
Pickering, Jeff Administration 303.982.8886 Assistant Principal 
Planas, Elizabeth 303.982.3660 Special Education 
Poveda-Alonso, Eva Poveda-Alonso website 303.982.8766 Spanish 
Powell, Rock Powell website 303.982.3553 Science 
Raml, Matthew 303.982.3618 Technology Education 
Ratke, Stephenie Main Office 303.982.3670 Receptionist 
Rodriguez, Sophia Rodriguez website 303.982.3578 Science 
Rolling, Brenda Counseling 303.982.8223 Counselor E-J 
Schimpeler, Steve Schimpeler website 303.982.3523 Physical Education 
Schneider, Sheryl 303.982.3557 Paraprofessional 
Sheehan, Lauren Sheehan website 303.982.3610 English 
Smith, Audrey Smith website 303.982.3748 English 
Snowden, Jennifer Snowden website 303.982.5302 English 
Stephens, Jeff Administration 303.982.3663 Assistant Principal 
Stovall, Erin Stovall website 303.982.3570 English 
Stowe, Amber Stowe website 303.982.3624 English 
Stukey, Clark 303.982.3583 Special Education 
Suwannakorn, Nkin Suwannakorn website 303.982.3607 Social Studies 
Svaldi, Dennis Svaldi website 303.982.3646 Social Studies 
Tannehill, Alexandria Tannehill website 303.982.3668 Science 
Tevebaugh, Michael Tevebaugh website 303.982.3995 Spanish 
Valerio, Sandy Valerio website 303.982.3526 Math 
Vaninger, Patricia Vanninger website 303.982.7725 Math 
Vanni, Carrie Counseling 303.982.3072 Counselor K-M 
Weber, Sherry Weber website 303.982.3519 Social Studies 
Weimer, Jeni Counseling 303.982.3548 Counselor A-D 
Weller, Toni Library 303.982.4702 Digital Teacher Librarian 
White, Pat White website 303.982.3614 Social Studies 
Wood, Tama Counseling 303.982.9432 Counselor N-Sc 
Yansak, Michael Yansak website 303.982.3515 Math 
Showing 146 items